Virtual Unlimited

Need the most current and reliable information available about construction projects from Concept to Contract Award?

  • Detailed reports of projects from ‘dirt through design” including economic developments initiatives, land acquisitions, Requests for Proposal and/or Qualifications, planning and zoning requests, Site Plan Reviews, and projects in design.

  • Information includes project name, location, owner and project stakeholders, critical submittal dates, funding changes and other status updates.

  • Unlimited access to submittal documents.

  • Detailed information about bidding opportunities statewide and/or by region.
  • Information includes project name, location, bid date, owner and design team, and bidders list continuously updated.
  • Unlimited access to plans, specs, and addenda.
  • Sophisticated filtering and tracking features.
  • Daily Email Updates about project changes.

  • Nightly email notices of projects that match your search criteria.

  • Order hard copy of bidding documents or print to local device.

  • Service includes ten (10) Seat Licenses.

We don’t believe in “harvesting” information from other sources. Our philosophy is that reliable information can only be obtained from personal sources. That’s why we’ve spent years developing trusting relationships with developers, business leaders, design firms and government officials to make sure we bring you legitimate, verified business leads.

The VBX team follows each project continuously from the moment we learn about it until the contract is awarded AND we confirm every fact so you aren’t chasing dead ends. We tell you what we know, when we know it, including obstacles as well opportunities.

If you’re looking for a design or bidding opportunity; need to get your product specified into a design, or just want to know what’s coming up, Virtual Unlimited is the solution.