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Nobody knew who we were. I needed a way to get my foot in the door. VBX really helped us to figure out what it took to get on bidder’s lists, make contacts with different general contractors, and so forth. Because of VBX, we’ve been able to build relationships with a lot of the general contractors.
Aaron Barr, Chief Estimator, Winco of South Texas

Quickly Find the Right Leads

Find the specific projects and specs you are looking for extremely fast. Receive instant notifications and updates, and receive leads about 19 days faster than our leading competition.

Find a Needle in a Haystack, Fast

Set filters to find specific bid opportunities by type, opportunity size, keywords, trade, certification, region, city and many more.

Receive Instant Notifications in Your Inbox

Receive instant notifications for the leads you’re looking for so you can save time bidding instead of searching and sorting.

Get Bid Opportunities 19 Days Faster

Get commercial construction leads about 19 days faster than competing lead providers. Have more time to prepare your bids correctly and stop chasing short-term bid cycles.

Find Leads with Project Quick Search

Search a project quickly to see if we have it. If we don’t, notify your reporter and we’ll get it.

Have More Leads Come to You

Receive custom tailored, and complete leads in your inbox without having to search for them.

Bids Come to You

With email notifications customized leads will come to you.

One Stop Shop

Save time searching through websites and piecing together outdated documents. We have all the documents, tools, and service you need.

Get Complete Bid Documents

Over 90% of our leads have complete bid documents. If we can’t get a complete scope of work we will tell you where to get them.

Increase Your Odds

Get a complete bidder’s list and increase your odds of winning your bid.

All the documents you need

Get access to more bid documents than any other commercial construction lead service in Texas. Easily search by CSI Division, keyword, or custom filter.

Find Everything You Need

With literally thousands of filter combinations, you can find projects that meet your specified needs, and not waste your time searching through ones that don’t.

Plans & specs broken out

Find every plan, spec, or document you need. Quickly search by trade division, keyword, or custom filter.

All Details You Need

We don’t list leads that are half-baked. Instead, we provide you with verified bid opportunities along with a complete scope of work so you can make the best decisions.

Full Documentation

Access all the documents you need, not just some of them. Ensure clear, and timely communication.

When we are invited to bid stuff or we are sent documents, I don’t trust them, so I go to VBX to verify that we’ve received everything and I have actually had instances where they have not sent us amendments for projects we’ve been invited to bid.

Heather Washburn, Bid Coordinator, HJD Capital; Electric, Inc.

Ease of Use

Save tons of hours with our easy to use website and powerful search capabilities. Find every detail you need and know who’s bidding against you.

Save Time & Hassle

We don’t fill your inbox with irrelevant, unverified, or duplicated projects. Our members save countless man hours every month finding the bid opportunities they want.

Find the Details You Need

Each document is automatically scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) so you can search for key words, plus you can set unlimited filters to find the details you need.

Search New Leads Fast

See only new projects that were entered since the last time you visited.

Know Who’s Bidding

Quickly find out who has the best odds of being a low bidder, who has bid on similar projects, what their bidding history is, and more.

We get Invitations to Bid from all kinds of General Contractors.  They put it on other services and we have to take it off from there.  For me, they’re not the easiest things to use.  VBX is real easy for me as an individual to find what I need and take it off.

Ralph Cornett, President, Sun Automatic

Find Any Lead You Need

Pre-bid, post-bid, industrial, commercial, find every type of lead you’re looking for. Find almost 30% more exclusive leads than our closest competitors have.

Get Exclusive Leads

Get almost 30% more exclusive projects than our competitors offer, several weeks before the project is posted anywhere else.

Find Post Bid Work

Get notified first about who was a low bidder and who was awarded the projects you’re tracking. We track projects from Concept to Contract Award.

Find Any Type of Project

Private, public, industrial, commercial, institutional, civil, etc. Find any project you can think of and drill down to the requirements for every trade division.

Get The Most Leads in Texas

We don’t just scrape bid opportunities off a website, we speak with owners and design professionals directly, and we attend events, meetings, bid openings and much more.

Get the Best Service, Not Just Software

Get the best tools and the best support to ensure you find and win the best projects. Find out why our customer support and software are leading the industry.

Superior Customer Service

Receive help throughout the search, bid, and win process.  Our bid facilitation team has over 10 years of industry experience to help answer your most difficult challenges.

Best in Texas

We know how to find, categorize, and manage commercial construction bid opportunities in Texas better than anyone. See why our member retention rate is over 90%.

The Customer Service is top notch.  It’s definitely unfounded in our industry.  You can call someone, talk to them and they’re speaking your language.  It’s huge.

Daisy Arnoult, Regional Sales Manager, Choate USA

Receive the same access that our members have for each of your projects during the bid cycle. Monitor bid activity continuously and get a complete list of companies that have viewed your project by name, location and trade type before bids are due.

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