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Central Texas Multipurpose Building #3, Procurement Package No. 4B - Texas A&M University (Subbid)

07/13/2017 08:19:00 am | Viewed: 80

Central Texas Multipurpose Building #3, Procurement Package No. 4B - Texas A&M University (Subbid)
Killeen, TX (Bell Co.) –

Work will consist of Procurement Package No. 4B for the construction of the new 65,119 gsf Multipurpose Building 3 for the Texas A&M University Central Texas Campus. The project will be built on the site perpendicular to and southwest of Warrior Hall. The building will extend into the landscape and be the first to engage with the existing tree canopy. Also, the building will be comprised of the following: building entry lobby and student gathering areas; exterior spaces and a grand porch; University and historical archives; administration/faculty offices; ROTC program; classrooms; instructional/research labs; Kinesiology lab; Center for Civic Support; student collaboration space and building support space.

Project also involves millwork; sprayed insulation & sprayed-on fireproofing; doors, frames & hardware; decorative plaster finish; paints & coatings; carpet, resilient flooring & resilient athletic flooring; tile & stone flooring; polished concrete floor hardening; window shade systems; toilet compartments; wall & corner guards; toilet, bath & laundry accessories; fire extinguishers, cabinets & accessories; lockers; wall mounted standards & shelving; residential appliances; entrance floor mats & frames; laboratory equipment, laboratory fume hoods & canopy hoods; controlled environment rooms; telecommunications system; and access control/video surveillance.

This project was last updated on 7/11/2017 8:40:13 AM. 

Architect - 2 
Civil Engineer - 1 
Construction Manager - 1 
Electrical Engineer - 1 
Engineer - 1 
Glazing - 1 
Landscape Architect - 1 
MEP Engineer - 1 
Owner / Purchaser / Developer - 1 
Structural Engineer - 1 

Architectural - 152 sheets 
Civil - 24 sheets 
Electrical - 50 sheets 
Exposed Column Schedule - 4 sheets 
General - 11 sheets 
Landscape - 33 sheets 
Mechanical - 47 sheets 
Plumbing - 30 sheets 
Structural - 50 sheets 
Technology - 64 sheets 
215 Sections
0 Reported

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Project Information
PROJECT ID: 2017-5E62
BID DATE/TIME: 7/13/2017 - 02:00pm CST
ESTIMATED COST: $26,400,000
SQ FOOTAGE: 65119  
PHASE: Active
STATUS: Project Update
PROJECT TYPE: New Construction
CATEGORY: Education

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