Our Team’s Commitments to You

Our Construction News Team

  • Provide more bidding opportunities than any other provider.
  • Ensure a higher standard of accuracy than any other provider.
  • Deliver information more quickly than any other provider.
  • Improve the quality, quantity and delivery of our product continuously.

Our Member Services Team

  • Provide training to help your staff get up to speed quickly and efficiently.
  • Ask questions to make sure we understand what you need.
  • Listen carefully to your expectations.
  • Return phone calls and/or emails promptly.
  • Make sure we offer a service instead of “selling” you a product.
  • Respect your decision NOT to subscribe to our services.

Our Member Support Team

  • Be available when you need us.
  • Care about your frustration.
  • Give you our best assessment of the problem.
  • Get your problem resolved quickly or tell you why if we can’t.

Our Accounting Team

  • Explain our billing policies to you clearly.
  • Make sure your account information is handled with utmost privacy.
  • Answer any questions you have with patience and courtesy.
  • Correct errors promptly (we realize they do happen from time-to-time).

Our Management Team

  • Stay abreast of changes in the construction industry.
  • Listen to what our members and prospective members tell us you need.
  • Determine how to meet those needs quickly and at the most affordable price.
  • Make sure our entire team is trained, informed and engaged.



Joined VBX (formerly the Builders Exchange of Texas) on February 1, 1993.  As the senior partner and co-owner of VBX, Michael is responsible for technology and new product development.  During the course of his career, Michael has earned a national reputation for developing unique, technology-driven services for the construction industry and has traveled extensively throughout the United States to help other Builders Exchanges launch and upgrade their online plan room services.

He is past-president of the Builders Exchange Network (BXNet – formerly International Builders Exchange Executives), a confederation of plan room service providers located in Canada and the United States.  He is a two-time winner of the BXNet Management Award and recipient of its’ No Boundaries Award for innovation and creative vision in developing plan room services.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Sociology from Southwest Texas State University.  Michael is best known for applying abstract thinking to solve complex problems that give everyone else a headache.

After Hours:  Michael is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hunting, fishing, golfing and scuba diving at exotic locations.  In addition, he is a voracious reader and loves all things technological.  Michael and wife Allyson are parents to three children, Alexandra, Mitchell and Weston, three dogs, Delilah, Marley and Bear and one cat, P.K. (Porch Kitty).

Favorite Customer Quote:  “My only complaint is that you have too many ways to search for new projects.”


Joined VBX on January 10, 2005.  As the Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer at VBX, Brenda is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the organization.  She began her Exchange career in in 1979 at the Construction Association of Michigan (CAM), serving in various capacities culminating as Director of Industry Affairs overseeing four divisions.  Subsequently, she formed Maverick Communications LLC, an association management firm providing services to non-profit and not-for-profit trade associations.  Maverick Communications merged operations with VBX in 2008 at which time she became co-owner and minority partner.

Romano is the Past-President of the Builders Exchange Network (BXNet) and is recognized throughout the U.S. and Canada as a professional facilitator, business coach and guest speaker on construction-related topics. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.  Brenda is best known for being an energetic and entertaining public speaker that is passionate about the construction industry.

After Hours:  Brenda is an amateur historian and genealogist and former ballroom dance teacher.  She enjoys reading ‘anything and everything’ and spending time with husband Roger, daughter Rachael and son-in-law Jeff, daughter-in-law Kate and son Anthony.  Brenda sneaks away every summer to her home in Northern Michigan to spoil her three grandchildren Jake, Brennan and Julianna.

Favorite Customer Quote:  “I think the ‘Exchange is the best kept secret in Texas.  Thank God.  I don’t want my competitors to know about you.”

News Team


Joined VBX on December 19, 2005 as a Construction News Reporter in charge of the South Texas region.  Jeannette moved through the ranks and now oversees the Construction Information Team, including Pre-bid, Active Bidding and Post-Bid Reporting, Data entry and Document Management.  She is proficient in every position of the Information Team, but specializes in reporting privately funded work on behalf of the Project Team.  With a background in Computer Business Applications, Jeannette is best known for being cool-under-fire and finding even the teeniest mistake.

After hours:  Devotes time to her partner Macario, daughter Jillian, son Hugo and haunting Classic Car Shows.

Favorite Customer Quote:  “You guys are the easiest service to use so I don’t use anyone else.  If they won’t put (the project) on VBX, I’m not going to bid it.”


Joined VBX on November 16, 2004.  Kim is the office “gypsy”, breezing through diverse positions in Publications, Data Management, Human Resources, Member Services and Reporting.   She is a trained Journalist and a Certified Construction Industry Technician (CIT).  Kim’s job is to communicate with our members and make sure they are so happy they never decide to leave us.  She is best known for being highly industrious and juggling multiple tasks simultaneously without missing a single typo or grammatical booboo.

After Hours:  Juggling a hectic family life with husband Will, daughters Michelle, Camille and Aisley; sons Stephen and Paul, two sons-in-law (Jon & Troy), four grandchildren (Logan, Macy, Jude and Jordan) and two dogs – Fred and Ginger. Squeeze in a little time for walking, cooking and investing.

Favorite Customer Quote“I love to see new projects get entered.  I have the VBX site open all day long and I just keep refreshing it because I’m afraid I’m going to miss something.”

Since joining VBX on February 14, 2000, Jonnetta has performed every role on the Construction Information Team, including two years of service as Managing Editor, a role she relinquished “to preserve my sanity”.  Trained in Computerized Business Applications, Jonnetta oversees the Data Entry Team for all five regions to make sure critical bidding details like project scopes and bidder’s lists get entered quickly and accurately.  JoJo is best known for her uncompromising need for precision and a fabulous – and very dry – sense of humor.

After hours:  Jonnetta practices her faith and enjoys walking, decorating and organizing.

Favorite Customer Quote:  “VBX is a great example of how business should work.  Everyone takes pride in excellence and that’s pretty rare these days.”

Member Services / Support


Joined VBX on February 1, 2008.  Rachael began her stint at VBX as a part-timer completing her degree in Cultural Anthropology before joining the staff full-time and occupying positions as Human Resource Manager and Software Business Analyst in charge of translating crazy ideas into programmable software features. She now manages the Member Services team that works 24/7 to help current and prospective members understand our services and how to get the most benefit from them. Rachael is best known for being bold, logical, and articulate with a “sparkling” personality.

After Hours:  A former gymnast, Rachael loves to travel, enjoys documentaries and being outdoors with husband Jeff and their Corgi “child” Leo.

Favorite Customer Quote“I love that VBX is pretty much a one-stop shop.”


Joined VBX on December 17, 2007.  Lorri got her start as the Plan Room Coordinator and worked her way up through Data Entry, Document Management, Reporting, and Tech Support before finding her calling in Member Acquisition. She’s now the guru that unravels all the mysteries of VBX services for prospective and returning members. Lorri holds a degree in Medical Transcription that she abandoned without a backward glance for the fascinating world of construction. She is best known for being funny and fearless when meeting new people.

After Hours:  Lorri is a former ballet dancer who enjoys spending time with her husband John, daughters Araceli, Marissa and Cassandra and family Poodle Trent (named after the lead singer of Nine Inch Nails) and Yorkie Wesley (named because he’s tiny and needed a ‘Big Boy’ name).

Favorite Customer Quote:  You guys are like a Construction Gold Mine that is hidden in the middle of Texas.”