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Access thousands of early-stage projects with Concept & Design

Our team finds and verifies thousands of Texas-based construction projects so that you have access to projects that will help your business grow, without searching across all the potential private sites for information, plus 1,200 incorporated cities, 254 counties, 1207 school districts, and 4642 community water systems..

Quit Missing Opportunities

How many projects have you missed out on because you didn’t have the right information soon enough? How much time have you wasted connecting with the wrong people? How much money have you lost by not being able to take action soon enough? Not having access to the best data in Texas may already be costing you a great deal.

More Projects, More Revenue

Have The Best Data

Our team of researchers finds you all the data and documents on thousands of projects across Texas straight from the source.

Be The First To Know

Set up your search criteria (with expert help) and get notified via email for every new project our team discovers (which is a lot).

Grow Your Business

With access to the right information, you’ll be able to take action sooner and position yourself for more projects and more work.


What Our Members Say About Us

VBX has set the standard for plan room services and remains the leading liason across the strata of the development, contracting, and sub-contracting community.

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How To Get Your Business Growing

Step 1

Choose Your Plan

Choose the option you prefer below.

Step 2

Get Training

Free, personalized training is included with every membership.

Step 3

Grow Your Business

Instantly access the best project data in Texas!

92% Renew Annually

Our members renew annually because our data helps their business grow.

Start With The Best Plan For You

We offer a statewide plan (best value) or you can choose an individual region of Texas. If you’re looking to have two regions, contact our sales team to get started.

Regions map for Virtual Builders Exchange Services

Statewide – Annual

$1,700 / year

North Texas – Annual

$800 / year

South Texas – Annual

$800 / year

Central Texas – Annual

$800 / year

East Texas – Annual

$800 / year

West Texas – Annual

$800 / year

What’s Included

Inside Concept & Design

Current and Reliable Project Info

We track projects from “dirt through design” so you don’t have to, including economic development initiatives, land acquisitions, Requests for Proposal and/or Qualifications, planning and zoning requests, Site Plan Reviews, and projects in design.

New Projects Bulletin

Wouldn’t it be nice if new projects just showed up in your inbox? Now they can! Every Tuesday, get an email alerting you of new projects in our system along with verified contact information for the project stakeholders. Always be ready for what’s coming up next!

Project Updates Bulletin

Tracking project statuses and information can be exhausting. That’s why every Friday we send you an email with any change to projects you’ve decided to track from our list of thousands of projects. When something changes, you’ll be the first to know so you can take action!

Personalized Training
and Support

We are construction professionals who know how to help you find what you need most. Training is always included with your membership. We’ll help you stay on top of the information you need most so that you have every advantage for growing your business.

We Work Hard So You Can Work Smart

At Virtual Builders Exchange, we know you’re the kind of person who wants to have more projects, because more projects means more work which means more revenue. The challenge is you don’t have an easy way to find the projects while they’re still in their infancy of concept and design. That’s why our team does all of the heavy lifting and time-consuming diligence to make sure you have access to all of the data that will empower you to find the projects that are right for you. Here’s how it works: fill out the form so we can learn your specific needs and show you how to get what you need, become a member, and start making the decisions that set you apart from other contractors in the state of Texas!

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We never use webscrapers or robots. Our projects are found by our full-time team of researchers.