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Concept & Design

Pre-bid projects from dirt through design

Virtual Concept / Design

If you are looking for projects that need professional design services; need to get a product specified into design, or want to know what’s coming up…

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Plan Room

Projects out for bid w/ plans & specs

Virtual Plan Room

If you are looking for complete bid details with filters to find your type of work, personal updates about changes, and access to Plans and Specifications…

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Projects out for bid w/o plans & specs

Virtual News

If you need to know what projects are out for bid and basic bidding details along with personal updates, but don’t need access to blueprints and specifications…

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Commercial Construction Planroom Services

VBX is a full service online construction news service that employs professional staff to locate, verify and track local construction opportunities from project conception to the point of occupancy. This information is amalgamated and made available to construction professionals via membership that provides access to a suite of services customized to individual needs.

VBX is service-oriented and politically neutral, neither advocating nor opposing the point of view of any particular segment of the construction industry. Our primary goal is to support the preconstruction process by acting as a source of timely, accurate and reliable information delivered to construction stakeholders in a useable format. Consequently, over 90 percent of our members renew their VBX membership annually, and over half have been VBX members for more than twenty years.

We collect bidding information from multiple sources, i.e. design firms, private owners, governmental agencies, prime contractors, etc., and organizing it so that contractors may quickly search for bidding opportunities by type, size, geographic location or other pertinent criteria.

Our staff maintains direct (personal) contact with sources to update information throughout the bid cycle. This ensures that prospective bidders are aware of changes as they occur and have accurate information prior to preparing their bid.

Our Services are interactive and dynamic. Information flows between contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, design firms and project owners in real time throughout the bid cycle.

We’re Local. It’s Personal.

Let us help you find and exchange information during each phase of the construction process.

Local Projects

We report over 15,000 local bidding opportunities in Texas each year. We verify every project personally, track progress continuously and notify you immediately when there are changes.

Local People

Texas is home.  As trusted members of the local community, we work directly
 with the people who plan and build construction projects throughout the state of Texas.

Local Perspective

Founded in 1900, we have decades of experience and solid data that can help you understand local market conditions.

Did you know?

92% of our members automatically renew VBX services every year
92% of the projects we report include complete plans & specs
72% of our members spend more than an hour a day on our site
52% of our members have been with us for more than 20 years