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Virtual Builders Exchange to Launch Exclusive Ad Placements

Every working day, thousands of construction professionals spend hours poring over project documents in the Virtual Builders Exchange plan room, an excellent setting where peer professionals can get their services noticed.

VBX is pleased to announce a new advertising program, one that provides member companies the opportunity to place strategic messages before more than 5,000 construction industry estimators, executives and other principals.

Our Virtual Plan Room generates over 10 million page loads annually, with 70 percent of users returning on a daily basis. There are very few websites where such a large concentration of industry specific visitors stay online for extended periods.

Nearly half of the average 1,560 individual users online at any given point during the day stay in the plan room for more than an hour.

VBX members are experienced decision makers–67 percent hold senior level management positions. VBX is truly one of the most powerful venues for drawing positive attention toward your company’s products and services.

How It Works

During the Spring 2019 launch, VBX will offer introductory prices to VBX members only. Advertisements will be available on a very limited basis. Only four locations (zones) may be reserved, with each being allotted on 30-day increments.

Zone 1: The Deskpad–starting point for every user every day. Users review a list of all projects and select those they want to view. A leaderboard ad runs across the bottom of the page.

Zones 2: The Project Detail Page–contains the full text and related bid documents on a specific project. Large leaderboard ad appears at bottom of the page.

Zone 3: Project Team–located near the bottom of each project detail page. A vertical banner appears to the left of the project team.

Zone 4: Re-Login Prompt–where members are directed each time they log back into the plan room. A rectangle ad appears to the left of the login window.


VBX has partnered with Association Outsource Services. Our partners at AOS will be contacting you in the coming weeks.

If you want to jump to the head of the line, AOS Sales Manager Cici Trino can be reached at (916) 961-9999 or cicit@aosinc.biz.

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