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VBX Launching New Website May 1st

We’re Updating Our Website and Our Logo! Effective May 1st with 4 New Features…

As a Virtual Builders Exchange (VBX) member we know it’s important for you to be able to login to Virtual Plan Room and find the bid opportunities you desire quickly and easily. And when it comes to our website we know quick and easy navigation is also very important.

It’s been five years since we launched our last website, we wanted to make sure this version was not only easier to navigate but was also more streamlined and more visually appealing. To pull off this herculean task we enlisted the help of over two dozen VBX members, and received feedback from many more.

We are pleased to announce that our new website will go live on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018. Please be advised these changes will not affect your plan room services in any way. We are changing the content and layout of our front pages only. However, before the site is officially launched, we wanted to let you know about the following four features we believe you will enjoy:

#1: Easily Find Member Login or Breaking News

We’ve kept the member login section on the home page, next to Breaking News so you can still easily log in where you normally do. Just scroll down a little on the home page and you’ll find the login section there. Additionally, you can also log in at the top of any page under My Account. You can also find a scrolling selection of the latest news in two places – next to the Member Login on the home page, as well as at the bottom of the home page.

#2: Contact Us Multiple Ways

We’ve made is easier to contact us by including a form on our Contact Us page, which includes our phone number, email, and hours of operation listed in the bottom (footer) of every page. Feel free to drop us an email, give us a ring, or fill out a form and let us know how we can meet your needs. Additionally, as a VBX member, you can reach us outside of working hours at any time of the day by emailing us at 911@virtualbx.com.

#3: Bid Bulletin (New!)

We moved Projects Bidding Today articles into a new section titled Bid Bulletin. This new section includes updates about new projects out for bid in various regions around Texas and the latest news about post-bid results, and contract awards. You can find Bid Bulletin under the dropdown menu under Breaking News.

#4: Rediscover Benefits for Contractors

We’ve heard from our members for years that we’ve done a lousy job of explaining our benefits. While we were busy building out a great service, we didn’t do a great job communicating it. So in order to remind our members what Virtual Plan Room offers, we dedicated pages that explains all of our features.

Thank you again to all of our VBX members who gave valuable time to provide us with their feedback about our new website.


— VBX Team

P.S. If you are interested in learning about how you can participate in future feedback opportunities and/or have your company featured in our Hall of Fame scroll at the bottom of our home page, please give us a call at (877) 221-6418 or email us.

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