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Missouri City: Hakeem the Dream Shelves Islam Center for Office-Warehouse Development

Feature Illustrations (above): Hakeem Olajuwon once envisioned an Islamic community center on the site of a former Asian shopping village. He’s dropped those plans in favor of a small business community for the construction trades.

Posted: 8-13-2019

by Adolfo Pesquera

Missouri City (Harris County) — NBA Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon is proceeding with plans to construct a 103,800 square foot office/warehouse and retail complex that he has named, appropriately enough, Dream Court.

The project is to take plane 9.47 acres Olajuwon purchased in 2000 with the intent to construct an Islamic community center that would have had a mosque, private school, library and gardens. He went as far as to get the zoning for the community center but that project never materialized.

The site was once an Asian shopping center known as Tang City Plaza that opened in the 1980s. The commercial buildings were razed long ago, however, the contractor in Olajuwon’s employ is proposing that the concrete slab foundation pads be spared and reused.

Google Earth view of the former Tang City Plaza. The foundation slabs will be reused for the Dream Court office/warehouse development. Construction will start in the area highlighted in yellow.

In essence, the original site plan for Tang City Plaza would stay in place. Olajuwon even requested and the city agreed that the original specifications for landscaping stay in place.

Jennifer Thomas Gomez, city planning manage, said the deviation from the landscape ordinance was so they would not have to open up more concrete to comply with current standards. City Council approved the zoning change at its August 5 meeting.

The site plan lays out six office/warehouse building that can be compartmentalized to provide lease space for up to 27 tenants. That buildings total 84,000 square feet.

The conceptual site plan for Dream Court. The property owner name of record is Tang City Community Village LLC. Courtesy: Missouri City public records.

One side of the property has frontage with U.S. Highway 90. To take advantage of that location, the developer also plans a seventh building with 19,800 square feet that will be dedicated for retail tenants.

The office/warehouse building exterior materials are brick and stucco. Each unit will have a roll up steel door to allow trucks to enter and off-load materials for storage.

Noble Enloe, Hakeem Olajuwon’s contractor, speaks to the Missouri City Council.

The project contractor, Noble Enloe of Plum Grove, said he was ready to pour concrete for the first two buildings. Construction would start on the back (south) end where Dream Court intersects with Valley Drive (formerly known as Lo-Yang Drive).

Enloe said several tenants have been lined up and the concept is for the office/warehouse park to be a base for small business contractors and subcontractors such as plumbers and electricians.

Enloe said he spent many months with Olajuwon “planning and strategizing the way we’re going to build this.”

Carnes Engineering Inc. of Baytown prepared the conceptual site plan and office/warehouse building elevations.

The concept elevations for Dream Court office/warehouse buildings. Courtesy: Missouri City public records.


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