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Keller: City Adds Brewery Use to Major Commercial Zoning Districts

Featured Photo (above): Shannon Brewing Co. may soon be joined by other breweries in town thanks to a recent revision to the city’s zoning ordinance that allows construction of breweries and brewpubs in major retail/commercial zones. Image: Shannon Brewing Facebook

Posted: 10-17-19

By Edmond Ortiz

Keller (Tarrant County)–City Council voted Oct. 15 to amend the local unified development code (UDC), officially allowing provisions for breweries in Keller’s zoning ordinances.

Last October, the planning and zoning commission held a public hearing and recommended adding winery uses to the UDC in the city’s retail, commercial, Old Town Keller and town center zoning districts.

The council approved the proposed changes the following month. Commissioners then asked city staff to return with a proposal adding brewery use to the same zoning districts.

Council’s Oct. 15 vote paves the way for development of a brewery with retail sales in the commercial, retail and Old Town Keller zoning districts, and by special use permit (SUP) in the town center district.

A brewery with retail sales is defined as a building for brewing and selling of beer, and sales of food if available.

A production brewery with entertainment, meaning a building with an indoor and/or outdoor area in which beer is served and entertainment is provided, is allowed in all zoning districts by SUP.

Thanks in part to easing of related state legislation, the microbrewery industry has expanded statewide by leaps and bounds. According to city staff, a 2018 report revealed that breweries had an overall nationwide economic impact of $76.2 billion in 2017, and were responsible for the creation of more than 500,000 jobs.

The study also stated Texas had an output of $5.3 billion in revenue in 2017, ranking it among the top five states in beer production.

But Keller had until recently not been able to formally accommodate brewery in its zoning rules. Shannon Brewing Co. currently operates in West Keller, north of the Old Town district, but is located in an area zoned commercial and light industrial.

The zoning modification will permit breweries to function in areas that have a higher number of businesses and adequate infrastructure.

Local officials said the city had not received any letters of support or opposition to the proposed zoning addition. The planning and zoning commission in September unanimously recommended the brewery category addition.


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