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Drive-Thru Coffee Kick

The addiction factor of coffee is evident in the rapid expansion of small drive through coffee shops.

VBX has featured over 126 coffee shops just in the last 12 months, including Dutch Bros, Scooters, PJs, 7 Brew, Black Rock, and more. The drive-thru coffee cafes are typically less than 1000 square feet at full build out since they feature walk up or drive through service without on location dining.

According to the Dutch Bros website, they have 17 locations in San Antonio, with seven more coming soon on their website, and maybe a few more still on the drawing board.

Dutch Bros opened their third McKinney location at the beginning of May, which VBX first featured in August of 2022.

An upcoming drive through coffee shop will require more approvals than most. For all the details, members can click here to read the scope and details.

Want to find more early projects in this expanding niche? Click here to become a Concept & Design member or call our member services team at 1.877.221.6418.

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