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Austin: Area Rancher Offers Musk 100 Acres for Free to Relocate Twitter to Texas

Feature Photo: Elon Musk speaking at a celebration for Tesla’s Cybertruck facility in Austin on April 7. Image: Tesla/YouTube

Posted: 4-29-2022

by Art Benavidez   

Austin (Travis County)Elon Musk has dominated the news headlines with his recent purchase of Twitter for $44 billion.

Now, several media outlets are also pondering whether Musk will move the company to Texas where several Musk-based enterprises currently operate.

Musk recently moved Tesla’s headquarters to Austin and SpaceX is planning to build a new factory in the city. Musk’s infrastructure and tunnel construction services company, The Boring Company, is headquartered in Pflugerville.

With many of his endeavors operating in the Lone Star State, everyone from state leaders to people on social media are wondering if and when Musk would move Twitter’s headquarters from San Francisco to Texas.

Texas rancher Jim Schwertner recently tweeted an offer to Musk of 100 free acres in Schwertner, Texas to serve as the new location for Twitter’s headquarters.

“Elon, Move twitter to Schwertner, TX, 38 miles North of Austin and we will give you 100 Acres for FREE,” Schwertner wrote.

The news hasn’t been lost on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott who has joined in on the opportunity to lure Twitter to Texas.

“Texas man offers Elon Musk 100 acres of FREE land to move Twitter’s headquarters. I will declare it a ‘Free Speech Zone’ Maybe we can rename it Twitter, Texas. Think about it .@elonmusk,” Abbott recently wrote on Twitter.

Musk himself has had fun along the way, tweeting what had already become a popular meme on the internet, “Next I’m buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in.”

Musk followed that up by writing, “Let’s make Twitter maximum fun!” and a meme that states he would purchase McDonald’s and fix their ice cream machines to which he stated, “Listen, I can’t do miracles ok.”

It is worth noting that there has been rampant speculation by several media outlets on whether Musk will ultimately back out of the Twitter deal. Reuters reported that Tesla’s recent stock plunge, which Musk would sell shares of to purchase the social media company, could be a problem. In addition, roughly half of the company’s vehicles are manufactured in China, which could be a big problem for Musk.

The Chinese government is known to crack down on social media outlets, which could be a problem for Musk to bring the platform up to speed with his “free speech” vision.


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