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  The P.A.C.E. Program is a fifteen-week (semester long) comprehensive overview of the construction industry and the career opportunities available to young people as they begin their journey in life. The program is designed as an extra-curricular activity in addition to their normal school work.
  Using input and feedback from construction industry professionals and employers, the P.A.C.E. Curriculum was developed to provide the maximum exposure to career options in the shortest amount of time, at no cost to students.

Students attend weekly classes where they are exposed to a curriculum that teaches and enforces basic skills necessary for employment; an introduction to each trades through interaction with practicing professionals and exposure to related college level careers such as architecture, engineering and construction management.

Volunteers from all construction trades as well as architecture, engineering, and construction professionals are recruited to work with instructors. Through volunteer commitments and targeted curriculum, students who have completed this program are able to make educated decisions regarding a career within the industry.

In addition to reaching a career path decision, students are provided with internships, mentorships, apprenticeship, employment assistance and continuing education opportunities to reinforce the knowledge they have received while participating in the program.
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