Having the VBX service has streamlined my job. I would spend three or four hours a day just going out looking for work from web site to web site. Not everything is formatted the same, so you’re opening documents, your downloading documents just to see if you really care about the project.

Heather Washburn, Proposal Administrator, HJD Capital Electric Inc.

Specialty: Commercial & Electrical General Contractor
Member Since: 2006

More Local Projects

Get more commerical construction leads in Texas than with any other lead source. We’ve been finding, qualifying, and managing the most leads in Texas for over 100 years.

Get More Projects

Find more qualified projects in Texas than with any other lead service so you have time to put together a better bid.

Local Leads

Our reporters regularly talk with local owners and design professionals, and attend Industry meetings and government hearings to find out about planned projects in Texas before anyone else.

More Owners

Find more Texas owners to collaborate with than from any other lead service.

Complete and Verified Leads

Our reporters know how to get all of the information you need in order to effectively bid on a project. They have an average of 10+ years in commercial construction and ensure our leads meet our strict quality standards.

Instant & Custom Notifications

Receive instant and custom notifications whenever your project changes. Easily track who’s viewed your addenda or any other changes to your project.

Instant Custom Notifications

Receive immediate notifications about important project changes. Customize your notifications to alert you when you want.

Minimize Price Changes

Identify who viewed addendum changes and when.

Track Your Project

Receive notifications instantly when your project changes.

Search Any Trade

Find the best subs in Texas that meet all your criteria. We make finding any trade division easy.

I like getting my notifications in the morning, because that’s the first thing I do when I get to work – look to see what the new projects are that came in overnight.

Christina Suhm, Business Development Manager, O’Haver Contractors

Specialty: General Contractor
Member Since: 2008

Save Time

Save tons of hours searching for subcontractors and leads. Find subs incredibly fast and receive pre-bids 6 months sooner, on average.

Save Time

Quickly find the best subcontractors to work with and fulfill your project requirements three times faster on average.

Fastest Searching

Save countless man-hours each month with Project Quick Search.

Earn More Money

Find pre-bid RFPs and RFQs on average, 6 months before your competition.

Get Leads 19 Days Sooner

Our team gathers data before it’s already published online somewhere else. We list bid opportunities an average of 19 days before our competitors learn about it.

Find Hard-to-Find Subcontractors

Find all of the subs you need with the most updated and extensive database in Texas. Create custom filters to find any detail.

Extended Bid Directory

Find highly specialized Texas subcontractors in every trade by Division in the city or region you need. Search our database of over 25,000 legitimate subcontractors in Texas.

Cleanest Database in Texas

Don’t worry about cleaning and maintaining a database of qualified subs. We continuously update our database so you can find the most accurate information about local subcontractors and suppliers.

Find Hard-to-Find Contractors

Create filters to find specialized local contractors that fit your exact needs, or have our support staff help create custom filters for you. Find all that you need from DBE to WBE and everything in between.

Powerful Search

Use Project Quick Search for finding projects quickly and easily or drill down on the smallest details. Our search capabilities are the most robust in the industry with over 1,000 customizable filters to ensure you find the people and information you need.

Built by Construction Experts for Construction Experts

We provide personal support and and industry-trusted software to make sure every project receives the right bids from the right contractors.

Ease of Use

Our platform was designed by commercial construction experts with decades of experience, making it extremely easy to use and intuitive.

All in One Place

Find all the documents and tools you need to ensure your project receives more than enough bids from the best and most informed subs.

Plans and Specs broken out

Have all of your plans, specs, and docs broken out and categorized by division and made searchable through OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Service, Not Software

Ensuring your project receives all of the right bids requires the help of industry professionals. We provide unparalleled customer support and industry trusted software to make sure every project is a success.

Receive the same access that our members have for each of your projects during the bid cycle. Monitor bid activity continuously and get a complete list of companies that have viewed your project by name, location and trade type before bids are due.

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