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Midland: Concho Resources Secures Right to Skywalks for New Office Tower

Feature Photo (above): Concho Tower I is the 10-story green glass office building. A third office tower will be constructed this year as part of a campus expansion. Image: Google Streets.

Posted: 2-28-2019

by Adolfo Pesquera

Midland (Midland County)Concho Resources Inc. obtained easement rights this week from City Council that will permit the energy company to tie a third office tower and a new parking garage to the existing campus via a series of two pedestrian skywalks.

Over the past few years, Concho has been acquiring downtown real estate to the north-northwest of its campus, which is bordered by West Ohio Avenue, West Illinois Avenue, North Carrizo Street, on lots west of North Marienfeld Street.

There was already a pedestrian skywalk connecting the six-story office building facing Ohio to the 10-story office building facing Illinois. One of the new skywalks will cross diagonally at the intersection of Ohio and Carrizo to the 400 block of Carrizo where the new officer tower will go. The second skywalk will cross West Tennessee Avenue, connecting the new tower to a planned 3 1/2-level parking garage to be built north of Tennessee.

The Concho Resources campus (buildings within the red line) will expand to the north onto the two blocks shaded in yellow. Image: Google Earth.

The Concho Resources campus (buildings within the red line) will expand to the north onto the two blocks shaded in yellow. Sections of two streets (highlighted with the red right angle) were abandoned by the city to incorporate them into the campus. Image: Google Earth.

Last May, City Council approved a zoning change to make way for the expansion.  In addition, City Council agreed to requests to abandon and sell to Concho segments of two public streets. The section of San Angelo Street between West Tennessee and West Michigan, and the section of Tennessee between San Angelo and Carrizo were turned over to Concho as part of a campus master plan consolidation.

The designer of the new tower, Rhotenberry Wellen Architects, is to aesthetically match the new tower to the existing towers. It will be known as Concho Tower III.

Construction was held throughout 2018 due to the necessity of having city public works and the utility companies realign and upgrade water, sewer and other utilities on site.

On Feb. 11, the architect gave notice to the state’s office of Architectural Barriers Projects that construction on the office tower was expected to being March 4.

During the May 2018 council action, Scott Tidwell, attorney for Concho, was asked about the building height. He was unable to be specific, but said it would not be more than 10 stories and probably a little less than that.

The architect’s February report stated the office tower at 405 N. Carrizo Street will have a total area of 205,006 square feet and construction is estimated to reach completion Dec. 31, 2020.

The office tower was assigned an estimated cost of $80 million.


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