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El Paso: Pavo Real Recreation Center’s Renovated Corridors

Feature Photo: View of the renovated Pavo Real Recreation Center. Image: City of El Paso/Brian Wancho Photography

Posted: 5-12-2023

El Paso (El Paso County) — The City of El Paso recently celebrated the reopening of the Pavo Real Recreation Center, welcoming members of the community to celebrate and join in on the festivities.

The popular recreation center in El Paso’s Mission Valley, which first opened in 1977, underwent $1.9 million in upgrades for the public. The city’s investment in the facility is essential to building operations.

It also extends the life of the recreation center to keep it welcoming and accessible to the community and users.

The project consisted of significant roofing, mechanical and electrical improvements, the replacement of HVAC equipment and piping, updated lighting, new flooring materials and new drinking fountains.

As part of the renovation and through the city’s public art program, the Pavo Real Recreation Center’s renovation features a stunning art piece designed by local 3D artist, Rene Nevarez, that spans the main 1,500 square feet main corridor.

A reflection of its community and history, the corridor’s mosaic floor design features repeated motif of peacock feathers, with additional symbolisms embedded within the abstract motifs—yellow and gold rays evoke the El Paso sun, the shapes represented are reminiscent of Native American headdresses, a nod to the nearby Tigua Indian Reservation, and the gold accents and artwork title are symbolism of the Camino Real which ran through El Paso centuries ago.
Boston-based mosaic manufacturer, Artaic, was commissioned for the project and worked closely with Nevarez to bring the 3D artist’s vision to life.

Using its [Artaic’s] Glazed Porcelain tiles to complete the task, nine tile colors were used to create the design, a decision made by Nevarez and Artaic’s design team in an effort to create depth and tones that did not fall flat.

“Being a part of the Pavo Real Recreation Center renovation has been an incredible journey for both my wife and me. We aimed to create a design that not only reflected the rich culture and history of El Paso but also instilled a sense of accomplishment and inspiration for all who enter the center,” said Rene Nevarez. “The peacock feather motif, symbolizing the name of the center, showcases the vibrant colors and beauty of our community. It was an exciting opportunity to collaborate with Artaic’s design team, blending tiles and exploring new perspectives to bring our vision to life. The result is a mosaic that serves as a lasting symbol of unity and pride for the people of El Paso.”

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