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Austin: City Selects GC for $19.6 Million North Austin Flood Project

Feature Photo: The City of Austin will seek to mitigate potential floods centered on waterlines around Little Walnut Creek at Quail Creek Park, pictured above. Image: Google Streets.

Posted 2-3-2021

by Art Benavidez

Austin (Travis County) — The city approved a $19.6 million construction contract with a local company in order to address flood risks in a North Austin neighborhood during last week’s meeting.

The Little Walnut Creek – Flood Risk Reduction from Metric-Rutland project was awarded to PGC General Contractors, LLC in the amount of $17.1 million, plus a $2.5 million contingency, for a total amount of $19.6 million.

The contract will be in compliance of city goals of having 12.06% minority owned business and 2.19% women business enterprise participation.

The objective of the project is to reduce the risk of interior flood deluge to as many structures as possible, to reduce the floodplain footprint, and to reduce bridge and roadway flooding to the maximum extent feasible within the project area. 

This project intends to divert flood flows from the lower reaches of Little Walnut Creek just upstream of Quail Valley Boulevard to the Mearns Meadow detention pond within Quail Creek Park. 

A wastewater pipeline relocation is a component of the project. An existing 24-inch concrete wastewater interceptor runs within the banks of Little Walnut Creek from Quail Creek Park to beyond Golden Meadow. 

Creek erosion has exposed portions of the existing wastewater pipeline, which have been repaired over the past five years.  

Austin’s Environmental Resource Management Division’s future full stream restoration project of Little Walnut Creek calls for relocating the wastewater line out of the creek banks.

Work will consist of flood risk reduction, stormwater treatment, water/wastewater pipeline replacement, street reconstruction and park improvements.

Storm drain improvements will redirect stormwater runoff from Little Walnut Creek directly to the Mearns Meadow regional detention pond through installation of a storm water conveyance infrastructure upstream of the Mearns Meadow pond. 

Improvements include construction of creek side weirs upstream of Mountain Quail Road and Quail Valley Boulevard; installation of approximately 4,200 linear feet of large reinforced concrete box culvert storm drains; installation of approximately 1,900 linear feet of reinforced concrete pipe ranging in size from 18 to 72 inches and installation of 36 street curb inlets. 

The project will reduce stormwater inundation of roads as well as risk of interior flooding to over 75 residential structures, as well as improving the existing detention pond in Quail Creek Park to mitigate any downstream impacts from the flood risk reduction improvements. 

The pond will be widened and deepened to increase its storage capacity, the low flow outlet will be enlarged, and the low flow spillway modified to include a 10-foot overflow weir. 

The water construction consists of approximately 5,900 linear feet of 8 to 12-inch water main and appurtenances.  The project will remove 2,080 linear feet of asbestos cement pipe within the project limits.

The wastewater construction consists of approximately 10,200 linear feet of 8 to 30-inch wastewater main to intercept flows from the north side of the creek including manholes. 

The street improvements consist of full depth reconstruction for 5,060 linear feet with an additional mill and overlay of 1,740 linear feet and new sidewalk construction and trails at the park.

The project is located within a major residential area of the city and the contract calls for 1,020 calendar days for completion of this project. 

The Water and Wastewater Commission recommended the project at their Jan. 14 meeting.

VBX Project ID: 2020-7341


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