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Temple: Kubota Dealership on the Move After Commission Rezoning

Feature Illustration: A bird’s-eye view of the proposed new Kubota tractor dealership. Source: City of Temple public records.

Posted 11-18-2020

by Art Benavidez

Temple (Bell County) — The city’s Kubota tractor dealership is moving to a new location, after the Temple Planning and Zoning Commission rezoned a property Monday that the company selected. 

The 6-acre property in question, located at 5345 South General Bruce Drive on the city’s northwest side, was rezoned from commercial to planned development commercial.

WCTractor, the property owners, have a current dealership along North Interstate-35 at 3rd Street and need to relocate their dealership in order to meet their business needs.

The company plans to renovate a building that was once home to the old Rabroker (air-conditioning services). The project includes improvements in landscaping and signage.

The proposed site plan for the new WCTractor dealership. Source: City of Temple.

Tractor sales are classified as heavy machinery sales in the city’s unified development code. While this is allowed in the base commercial zoning district, it is not allowed in the city’s retail sub district of the I-35 corridor overlay.

Therefore, the commission recommended the rezoning and relocation under the following conditions:

  • Improved landscaping along the entry islands containing low growing trees from the approved tree list at both entrances into the parking lot and in two new islands adjacent to the building parking area.
  • Display of new tractors inside the existing decorative metal fencing, allow equipment to the rear of the building.
  • Replacement of the old non-compliant Rabroker pole sign with free-standing monument signage at the north entrance entry island, with masonry base to match the building.
  • Installation of a new solid fence. Screening any implemented storage or tractor servicing activities from view.
  • Substantial compliance with the site development plan reflecting landscaping, parking  lot improvements and revised signage.
  • Substantial compliance to the proposed building elevations which include washed stone, awning roof replacement and visible metal recladding
  • Compliance with I-35 overlay standards for the retail sub-district for all other uses and any other future tenants

Bryan-based SZH Architecture provided preliminary site plans and provided specs for the redevelopment of the building.

The developer is proposing to demolish the parking spaces in front of the existing building and add 15 new parking spaces. 

The developer is also proposing demolishing the existing pylon sign, the existing gas pump and adding some property aesthetics. Among them are a new Kubota monument sign, four new entry islands, a new curb and new shrubbery.

The two-story building that is to be redeveloped was constructed in 1998 and has 5,970 square feet. A 12,050-square-foot warehouse is located on the back of the property. 

The exterior metal panel of the main building will be repainted orange and the existing stone is to remain and is going to be power washed to remove all visible dirt, mildew and stains. 

The existing standing seam metal roof is to be painted orange. The existing structure is to be painted black. With a new 10 feet backlit sign displayed in front of the building.

This rezoning of the property is scheduled to go before the Temple City Council for 1st reading on Dec. 17 and 2nd reading on Jan. 7, 2021.

VBX Project ID: 2020-7FF5 

Architect’s illustration by SZH Architecture.


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