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Temple: City Enters Economic Development Agreement with Delaware Company for $800 Million Data Center

Feature Photo: Street view of the southeast corner of Industrial Boulevard and Loop 363 in the northwest portion of the city where the data center will be developed. Image: Google Streets

Posted: 12-28-2021

by Art Benavidez

Temple (Bell County)— A Delaware company recently entered into an economic development agreement for a data center with the city during a City Council meeting earlier this month.

Polmer LLC, out Wilmington, Delaware, has agreed to construct one or more new data centers, along with associated facilities,  including accessory uses on a approximately 399.2 acre site at the southeast corner of Industrial Boulevard and Loop 363.

The site is located in the northwest portion of the city.

In addition to the economic agreement, Polmer entered into a tax abatement, and water and wastewater agreement with the city,

Polmer would invest $800 million in real and personal property improvements, along with creating 40 new full time jobs in Phase I.

The company could develop the project in phases extending over a period of years. If they take that route, they would be eligible for separate program grants for each subsequent phase that meets additional investment as further provided in the agreement.

Polmer is expected to begin construction on the data center no later than two years from the approved agreement with complete construction of Phase 1 improvements no later than five years from the commencement of construction.

The company will give the city $8 million for completion of the infrastructure improvements relating to the wastewater agreement that will cost the city a total of $29,760,000.

The tax abatement agreement with Polmer would grant the company a 10-year, 75% ad valorem tax abatement on the increase in real and personal property improvements.

Consulting engineers Kasberg, Patrick & Associates, LP, out of Temple, are on board the project.

VBX Project ID: 2021-8B1E