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South Texas Mental Health Facilities Funding Approved

South Texas — Recent legislation from the 88th Texas Legislature and the approved biennial budget will bring several hospitals and mental health facilities closer to fruition across South Texas in Uvalde, Cameron County, Hidalgo County and Victoria County.


Victoria County will receive funds from the Legislature’s approved budget in the amount of $40 million for construction of a 60 patient regional inpatient mental health care facility. Victoria County will need to provide the land through purchase or donation for the facility’s construction.  More information on this project can be seen here in VBX Project 2023-4BCF.


A 32-bed mental health treatment facility for Uvalde is in the works as well, as part of the current budget proposed by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, as seen in VBX Project 2022-45F6.


The plan indicates $30 million for construction, specifying plans for a 16-bed adult and 16-bed youth residential crisis facility and $3.6 million set aside for equipment, with an annual operating budget of $10 million.


The city of Uvalde in 2021 donated seven acres of land adjacent to the Uvalde County Fairplex on U.S. Highway 90 West, with the facility designed with an eye toward expansion.


The State’s Fiscal year starts Sept. 1 and concludes at the end of August. This is important because the new laws that were signed during the 2023 legislative session won’t take effect until then, including the new budget that will fund the Uvalde Psychiatric Hospital and Crisis Center project.  The Owner anticipates construction lasting 18-24 months.


The Valley will receive $205 million in state funding for two hospital facilities as part of the billions of dollars available through Senate Bill 30.  Senate Bill 30’s goal is constructing and improving mental health facilities across the state.


Part of the funds are set aside for construction for a $120 million 50-bed state hospital maximum security facility in Cameron County.  More information can be found here in Project ID 2023-4ACD

The $85 million will pay for a licensed general hospital to construct up to 100 inpatient beds.

The funds for that facility come with the stipulation that the hospital possess a level 1 trauma designation, have fewer than 100 licensed psychiatric beds and be in a county with a population of over 300,000. See VBX Project 2023-4AD3 for more information.

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