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San Juan City Commission Chooses New City Hall-Transit Terminal Finance Plan

Feature Photo: View of the signage from Nebraska Avenue announcing the future site of the new City Hall and transit terminal complex. Image: Google Streets.

Posted: 7-9-2020

by Adolfo Pesquera

San Juan (Hidalgo County) — The City Commission passed a resolution laying out their course on how to finance the construction of a new City Hall facility that will be combined with a transit terminal.

The project site is northwest of Nebraska and West 6th streets.

The resolution passed June 23 includes a deadline of Aug. 25 to take action on the issuance of a series of certificates of obligations in an amount not to exceed $5.26 million.

City staff has been researching the best method for financing the project, in consultation with Hilltop Securities. Several options had been considered, including a possible public-private partnership.

The City Hall/Municipal Complex project has an estimated cost of $7.6 million. The city can put $1.9 million into the project from grant funds; another $1 million is available from 2018 certificates of obligation proceeds. That leaves a deficit of $4.7  million.

The difference between the deficit and the proposed $5.26 million, includes money the city wants to raise for other improvements. There was discussion at a June 15 special meeting of raising at least $300,000 for improvements to the city baseball fields; these could include installation of a canopy, rehabilitation of walking trails and other park amenities.

In this May 4, 2020 article, VBX reported that San Juan had begun their search for architectural services for the design of the new City Hall and transit terminal complex. VBX will track this development at Project ID 2020-36B6.

The project site is bounded by South Nebraska Avenue to the east, West 6th Street to the south, Lincoln Street on the west and West 5th Street to the north. Most of the site has been cleared of structures, however, the ruins of the historic San Juan Hotel and locals are hoping it may be rehabilitated and incorporated into the overall site plan.


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