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San Antonio: West Bexar County Public Improvement District gets Planning Commission Recommendation

Feature Photo: The area highlighted in red, north of the Air Force Village in southwest Bexar County, is being converted into a public improvement district for a mixed-use master planned community, Tres Laurels. Image: Google Earth.

Posted: 11-20-2020

by Adolfo Pesquera

San Antonio (Bexar County) — The city Planning Commission recommended approval this week of several public improvement districts, including a 311.2-acre tract where the developer plans a mix of single family homes, an apartment complex and retail commercial.

The proposed project, Tres Laurels Special Improvement District, was first introduced to Bexar County Commissioners Court as a petition to allow the creation of a public improvement district (PID), which empowers the developer to construct roads, water, wastewater and drainage facilities. On Jan. 7, Commissioners Court granted consent to their “intent to create the PID.”

The Tres Laurels PID is located in southwest Bexar County, north of U.S. Highway 90 and west of Grosenbacher Road.

The city of San Antonio, having rights over its extraterritorial jurisdiction, also had to consent, and thus began negotiations for a 30-year development agreement that will eventually allow the city to annex for limited purposes and collect sales tax on the commercial property.

The master plan, once matured, would bring 1,075 single-family homes, 201 multifamily rental units, and 17.2 acres of commercial use.

In addition to the network of neighborhood streets, the scope of work includes an extension of Montgomery Road up to and through the center of the development.

The proposed improvement costs of sewer, water, streets and drainage for the residential subdivision are estimated at $54.1 million.

The Planning Commission, at its Nov. 18 session, recommended the city consent to creation of the Tres Laurels PID by Bexar County, subject to the city’s development agreement.

The proposed concept master plan for Tres Laurels. Source: City of San Antonio.

The agreement goes to City Council for their consideration on Dec. 5, then back to Commissioners Court on Dec. 15 for creation of the PID.

Brown & Ortiz, private counsel on the applicants’ petition, identified the developer as SA Far Rider LLC. The manager of this entity, Tom Yantis, also owns a share of the real estate through another entity, SA Given to Fly LLC. Both are based in San Antonio.

Yantis is chief executive office of Mosaic Land Development and president/co-chair of Yantis Company.

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