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San Antonio: Near West Side Business Park to Add Residential

Feature Illustration (above): Courtyard view of the proposed second-story addition to a one-story building in a near West Side business park. Image: COSA public records.

Posted: 6-3-2020

by Adolfo Pesquera

San Antonio (Bexar County) — The owners of a small business park on the near West Side plan to add a residential component to their property.

The San Antonio Community Development Council (SACDC), represented by its executive director Walter Martinez, is requesting a zoning change from commercial to Infill Development Zone in a historic district with MF-18 as a permitted use; MF-18 would allow residential density of 18 units to an acre.

The proposal is to add 11 apartment units to the business park. Eight of the apartments would be created by converting the commercial building at the corner of El Paso Street and Pecos-La Trinidad Street (303 El Paso St.).

The one story structure can accommodate four units, but Martinez told the Zoning Commission on Tuesday that they also plan to add a second story to create another four units. The other three units would be accomplished through a renovation to another existing building, 717 Pecos-La Trinidad.

The building at 303 El Paso was built in 1960 and has an area of 2,424 square feet. The addition would expand it to about 4,848 square feet. The building height would increase from 15 feet-6 inches to 30 feet.

303 El Paso St. as it is proposed with a 2nd story addition (above); and the same building as it exists today (below).

The project also involves redevelopment of several outdoor features–4,145 square feet of landscape; 6,070 square feet of asphalt; 2,200 square feet of tiled patio; 2,072 square feet of sidewalk; and several hundred linear feet of curb on site and curb and gutter on the street.

The SACDC has owned this property for over 25 years. Martinez said the decision to add residential was made because there has been growing demand for housing on the west end of downtown.

Hinojosa Design Studio (HDS LLC), which also offices in the SACDC business park, prepared the concept renderings and site plan.

The property, being within a historic district, must get approval of its architectural designs from the Historic and Design Review Commission. Martinez said that step is still pending.

The Zoning Commission voted to continue the case to its June 16 meeting to give Martinez more time to explain the project to the neighbors. This if VBX Project ID 2020-4370.

The concept site plan for the SACDC business park at El Paso Street and Pecos-La Trinidad.


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