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San Antonio: 1939 Pearl Brewery Garage to be Remodeled as New Indoor-Outdoor Dining Venue

Feature Illustration: Concept rendering of the west façade of the 1939 Pearl Brewery Garage, as it should appear post-construction. Source: Clayton Korte.

Posted: 11-2-2021

by Adolfo Pesquera

San Antonio (Bexar County) — A nondescript single-story building opposite the Full Goods market at the Pearl will soon be remodeled to accommodate a new casual dining venue with indoor and outdoor seating.

The architect for Silver Ventures obtained a Certificate of Appropriateness at the Oct. 20 session of the Historic and Design Review Commission for planned renovations to the structure 250 E. Grayson St.

The request addressed eight key changes to the structure:

  1. The creation of six window openings on the north façade.
  2. The removal of one window opening on the east façade and infill of the opening with brick.
  3. The creation of a new bi-fold door opening on the south façade.
  4. Construction of a new canopy on the south and west façades.
  5. Creation of two new bi-fold door openings on the west façade and removal of an existing, non-original storefront system.
  6. Construction of an addition to the west façade.
  7. Relocation of various mechanical and site elements, such as light poles and an existing water tank.
  8. Installation of a blade sign on the south façade.
The west façade as it currently exists (above). Elevations of the south half of the west façade showing planned demolition (center) and the proposed new look (below).

Although changes will take place on all four exteriors, the main façade has been and will continue to be the west side of the building. Major renovations will be occurring throughout the interior, which is getting a new floor plan.

The HDRC considers this a historic building. It was built circa 1939 and is commonly known as the Pearl Brewery Garage. The building has a brick façade, but a number of non-original architectural elements, such as its window openings and multiple sides, the canopies, and a storefront system on the southwest corner.

A new storefront opening on the south will be located on the interior within an existing space the functions as a courtyard.

The proposed new canopy on the south and west sides will feature a steel structure and a corrugated metal roof.

The building, in its existing state, has an area of 25,944 square feet, according to county appraisal records. An addition planned to the west façade will be in the location of an existing mechanical structure. It will feature a setback from the north (along East Grayson Street), a height that is subordinate to the building, and materials to match the building, as well as stucco and three overhead rolling garage doors.

Stephen Williams, an architect with Clayton Korte , represented Silver Ventures on this project.

VBX Project ID: 2021-79A9

The proposed floor plan depicting interior and exterior uses.