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Pflugerville: Local Church Gets 48-Acre PUD Rezoning

Featured Illustration: An artist rendering by Sparrow Partners of what the active adult community, Sparrow Pflugerville, would look like on the 48-acre church-owned PUD.

Posted: 1-7-2021

by Art Benavidez

Pflugerville (Travis County) — A 48-acre lot owned by a local church was cleared this week by the Planning and Zoning Commission for rezoning as a planned unit development (PUD).

The congregation of the Hill Country Bible Church plans to develop the property for a variety of uses. The land is located at the southeast corner of East Pflugerville Parkway and Wilke Ridge Lane.

The proposed site had been zoned retail and general business before receiving the PUD approval.

The church wanted the PUD rezoning to define areas of growth for the place of worship and to develop Sparrow Pflugerville–a walkable, horizontal mixed-use development in the eastern portion of the property.

A multi-phase development is proposed, according to documents submitted to the commission. The property consists of three unplatted tracts of land. 

Already on site in the northwest section is a two-story church, along with associated parking and ancillary structures, and soccer practice fields occupy the central western portion. There’s a detention pond to the southeast. 

What’s Next:

The immediate intent of the PUD is to allow construction of a four-story, 60-foot tall multifamily complex with up to 196 units on the eastern 10-acre portion of the property. The developers are calling it an active adult (55+ age group) community.

The majority of the development will contain one-bedroom units with a sprinkling of two-bedroom units.

Exclusive private amenities are proposed with the development and will be concealed on the north, south, and west sides by the sides of the building. Units with covered balconies will be provided throughout the building and ground floor units are anticipated to have private yard spaces.

The primary entrance and clubhouse located along the north end of the building. Additional covered access points will be provided throughout the building for tenants. 

The north, street facing facade will include varying structure heights, multiple roof lines and pitches and an enhanced porte-cochere. Additionally, the north elevation exterior will have a balanced mix of stone and horizontal siding. 

The remaining building elevations are proposed to be 100% siding, excepting column bases,  installed at varying widths of 4 and 8 feet, as well as varying types (horizontal and shakes),  and earth tone colors.

Covered  patios, covered entry canopies and elevated architectural towers with varying roof  lines are provided throughout the elevations, according to documents.   

The main entrance and front façade of the proposed senior living complex.

The main entrance and front façade of the proposed senior living complex.

The western building elevation will be the longest continuous elevation (approximately 480 feet) and will significantly exceed the maximum 200 feet length limitation currently provided  in the city’s unified development code. 

The massing is proposed to be broken up with horizontal and vertical articulation along with the aforementioned siding types, color variations, balconies and varying roof lines. 

Luke Bourlon, cofounder and president of development with the Austin based Sparrow Partners, addressed the commission’s concerns regarding the building’s E-shape design.

“The intent behind the connectivity of the building is to provide for our demographic which is active adults,” he said. “The typical age is around 70, many who are downsizing and are going to a lower maintenance lifestyle and the idea is to have all of the building connected to the common area where we’ve got a 10,000 square feet plus clubhouse with complete amenities and it’s all elevator served, accessible under one roof as opposed to traversing a sidewalk.”

Bourlon added that Sparrow Partners will go on to manage the apartment building.

“We are not assisted living, we are not independent living,” he said. “This is all we do. This has been an 18-month labor of love with the church to create a beautiful community.”

The existing detention pond on the church property will be redeveloped during Phase 1 to create detention for the entire PUD, according to documents.

An enhanced driveway will be provided off of East Pflugerville Parkway to provide access to the complex.    

The entrance drive is proposed to be designed with drought tolerant landscaping, a standard  6-foot-wide sidewalk along the eastern extent, and an enhanced 10-foot wide, paved veloway trail system along the west side of the drive, according to documents.

The veloway trail system will be accessible to the public and is intended to help fulfill the  parkland development fee requirements associated with the complex. The full extent of the veloway trail system will be established with Phase 1.   

There will be 265 parking spaces provided for the apartment complex; 102 will be carport parking and 38 as stand-alone garage parking.

The San Antonio and Austin offices of Kimley Horn rounded out the project team and specified that Phase II would include 15,000 square feet of retail on 3.18 acres, Phase III would be a 15,000 square foot preschool and Phase IV would be the expansion of the church on 12.15 acres. 

The retail and service land uses are proposed in the northeastern portion of the property, north of the age-restricted complex, and are anticipated to be constructed as market conditions dictate.

The expansion of the church will be tethered to community outreach endeavors and will be contemplated to occur in the west, central and southwest portion of the property. However, there are no current specific plans for expansion provided in the PUD.   

Storefront windows and similar glazing will account for a minimum of 70% of the street facing  facades and the theme shall be consistent throughout the development as identified in the PUD. 

The maximum height of buildings along East Pflugerville Parkway will be 30 feet in height.

VBX Project ID: 2021-0218


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