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Pflugerville: LA Real Estate Firm Proposing Condo Project

Featured Photo: A street view of the entrance for the proposed site: Image: Google Streets.

Posted: 8-3-2021

by Art Benavidez

Pflugerville (Travis County) — A Los Angeles-based real estate investment firm received rezoning for a proposed townhome development during Monday’s meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The property was converted from general business-light industrial (GB1-GB2-LI) to single family-mixed-use (SF-MU) zoning.

The 16.76-acre property consists of two lots and is located at 18516 Heatherwilde Boulevard in the north central portion of the city.

The land is undeveloped and unplatted. Several large vehicles are currently stored on the premises.

A portion of the southwest corner of the property will be undevelopable because it’s encumbered by floodplain.

Aerial view of site.

The working title of the project takes its cue from the developer’s request, 18516 Heatherwilde Boulevard Rezoning

Pegasus Investments is proposing to develop the land as a single-family condominium community consisting of detached homes, as well as attached townhomes.

Under SF-MU zoning, the condominium project will require a minimum rear setback of 20-feet, with a 10-foot bufferyard, and a maximum allowable building height of 35 feet.  

Trevor Carl Nelson, managing director of Pegasus Investments, said that the proposed units will be rented and not owned.

“We are not for home sale developers. We are historically multifamily operators,” he said. “The intention was always to deliver a home-like product at an apartment-like price.

Pegasus Investments is still figuring out a preliminary plan, but it will likely be eight to 12-units per usable acre, he added.

“Every single unit will have private dedicated outdoor space and nobody will have any units above or below them,” he told the commission. “For architectural diversity, will probably figure out some single story floor plans and two story floor plans.  

“The plan is to deliver something like your own house with the majority of units completely detached. Some units will be connected and share sidewalls, but no one of the units will be stacked.”

The city’s unified development code will require the construction of William Anderson Drive for the property.

Dodd Surveying and Mapping Co. out of Liberty Hill are on board the project. 

Ricca Keepers, a land planner with Keepers Land Planning represented the project to the commission and submitted a letter that stated Pegasus Investments would develop any attached units at a minimum of three. 

VBX Project ID: 2021-58F2


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