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Nassau Bay Accelerates Water and Sewer Line Replacement Project to 2021

Feature Photo: The NASA memorial in Nassau Bay. Image: Google Streets.

Posted: 9-3-2020

by Adolfo Pesquera

Nassau Bay (Harris County) — Due to a change in its commitment to a regional utility project, the community of Nassau Bay is opting to accelerate its plans to replace about four miles of concrete water distribution lines and more than two miles of wastewater lines.

On March 28, 2019, the Texas Water Development Board agreed to a request from Nassau Bay to provide $3 million in financial assistance to replace 21,700 linear feet of aging water lines as well as the replacement of fire hydrants, valves, service line branches and meter boxes. The project also included replacement of 12,350 linear feet of aging concrete pipes using trenchless methods, along with replacement of manholes and service line branches.

The actual construction portion of this project was budgeted for $2,440,667.

However, in July 2019, Nassau Bay was notified of its obligation to the Southeast Transmission Line (SETL) project–a regional project supplying water from a city of Houston facility to numerous member cities and water districts. Nassau Bay then decided to downscale the water and sewer line replacement project.

Nassau Bay had originally intended to begin the replacement of these utility lines by December 2019, but that effort was delayed.

The status the Nassau Bay’s obligation in the SETL project changed again in July 2020 when Houston released an updated project timeline. Under the new timeline, Nassau Bay would not have to make a major contribution until November 2023.

Nassau Bay then reconsidered its water and sewer line replacement project and on July 23 went back to the TWDB to request the entire $3 million it had originally sought. At the Texas Water Development Board’s Thursday morning session, this request was granted.

Under these latest terms, the city anticipated closing on the full $3 million commitment in mid-October and bidding the entire project in early 2021.

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