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  • Downtown Kerrville. Image: Google Streets.

Kerrville: TWDB Funnels $13 Million to Kerrville for Water Projects

Posted: 9-6-2018

by Adolfo Pesquera

Kerrville (Kerr County) — The Texas Water Development Board approved $13 million in financing to help the city of Kerrville cope with increased demand for services due to population growth.

The Board, at its Thursday morning regular session,  allocated $8 million from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund for a new lift state and force main that the city needs to manage its wastewater. Another $5 million was allocated from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund for improvements to the water treatment plant.

Legion Lift Station

An increase in current, and projected future demand, require replacement of the Legion Lift Station located near the intersection of State Highway 27 and Loop 534. Heavy users in that area include Schreiner University and James Avery.

Kerrville City Council also anticipates additional population due to redevelopment of existing homes and some multifamily development in this area. Presently, the lift station about 9,948 people and has a pumping capacity of 5.76 million gallons per day.

The proposed new lift station will be designed to serve an estimated population of 16,636, and provide an ultimate peak flow capacity of 9 million gallons per day. A 20-inch force main will also be constructed to convey wastewater to the water reclamation plant headworks.

The design phase will be completed by Oct. 31 and construction is to begin by Jan. 29, 2019 and reach completion Jan. 29, 2020.

Water Treatment Plant/Trihalomethanes Control Facility

Kerrville has high concentrations of trihalomethanes, a group of chemicals used to control microbial contaminants. At various locations in the distribution system, they have been recorded at concentrations above the maximum contaminant level.

To remedy this, the city will construct activated granular carbon contractors and add chlorination as a pretreatment at the water treatment plant to remove the organic carbon that causes trihalomethane formation.

The design phase is to be completed by Dec. 31. Construction will begin April 15, 2019 and should reach completion Jan. 14, 2020.


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