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  • The four-story Executive Office Building at the Port of Houston is in need of a major renovation. Image: Google Earth.

Houston: Port Authority Re-Bids Executive Office Building Renovation

Feature Photo (above): Aerial view of the 75,000-square-foot, four-story Executive Office Building. The building at the Port of Houston is in need of a major renovation. Image: Google Earth.

Posted: 11-6-2018

by Adolfo Pesquera

Houston (Harris County) — Bids on the Port of Houston Authority’s renovation project for the Executive Office Building are due December 5. This is one of several building projects scheduled in 2019.

At its September 25 meeting, the Port Commission voted to reject results of a prior bid round and re-advertise for competitive sealed proposals the renovation of the Executive Office Building at Turning Basin Terminal. A revised Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals was issued in mid-October.

A pre-proposal conference was held last week. Three dates were scheduled for mandatory site visits, the second being Tuesday morning, Nov. 6. There is still one mandatory site visit available, Nov. 8 at 10 a.m. at 111 East Loop North, 1st floor conference room.

This project is the renovation of the existing 75,000-square-foot, four-story building at 111 East Loop North.

The scope of work includes selective demolition, replacement of air handlers and associated HVAC system elements, remodeling of internal walls, carpeting, paint, ceiling and lights, and installation of associated accessories.

Responses are due Dec. 5. Upon giving the notice to proceed, the port authority is projecting a 22-month construction period.

There are other building program project in the works. Listed as a design phase project in the 4th Quarter Design and Construction Projects report, is the “future” Maintenance and Administration Buildings Complex at Barbours Cut Terminal. The existing Administration Building and M&R Building at Barbours Cut Terminal are two blocks apart.

The administrative offices at Barbours Cut Terminal (above), and aerial view of the two existing buildings (below). Courtesy of Google Maps.

The administrative offices at Barbours Cut Terminal (above), and aerial view of the two existing buildings (below). Courtesy of Google Maps.

The design phase is scheduled to go from January through the second quarter of 2019. Small business opportunities include utility systems, electrical work, plumbing, HVAC, building fixtures and finishes, photography.

A Competitive Sealed Proposal was also issued in early October for the remodel of an existing building at the Bayport Container Terminal. The remodel involves 1,345 square feet of office space that is to be used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as an inspection laboratory (USDA APHIS Houston Maritime Identifier Lab).

The USDA project includes enclosing the roof overhang around the building to create a larger tenant space. The project includes installation of lab equipment, communications, HVAC, etc. Responses are due Nov. 14. This is to be a 140-calendar-day construction project–first quarter 2019 to third quarter 2019. Small business trades include painting, roofing, drywall installers, electrical controls.

The Port Authority’s 4th Quarter Design and Construction Phase Projects report also refers to the following projects. This is not a complete list.

(1) Rehabilitation of Wharf 3 and Electrical and Communications Infrastructure through C4, C5, and C6 at Barbours Cut Terminal:

This project has experienced some delay due to a lack of bids. At the September meeting of the Port Commission, a bid was rejected on advice of staff because there was only one bid for what was considered a major project.

At the October meeting, an award for demolition of the Lighter Aboard Ship Vessel Dock at Barbours Cut was rescinded. This project was combined with the rehabilitation of Wharf 3 and the construction of electrical and communications infrastructure at container yards 4, 5, and 6.

Small business opportunities are in material testing, surveying, storm water controls, photography, chain link fence, security, electrical, signs and paint striping.

This project construction time frame was first quarter 2019 to third quarter 2020.

(2) Barbours Cut-Expansion of Gate Facilities: This will increase gate capacity for anticipated future growth of tractor-trailer cargo. Opportunities are in site preparation, demolition, earthwork. The time frame is 4th quarter 2019.

(3) Rehabilitation of Container Yard C1N and C2N: Scope of work includes construction of 20 acres of concrete pavement for storage of containers as well as traffic lanes to maintain circulation into and around storage areas. Small business opportunities in demolition, concrete, grading, excavation. Construction time frame is from first quarter 2019 to second quarter 2020.

The container yard is due for the reconstruction of 20 acres of concrete (highlighted area). Image: Google Earth.

A section of the container yard at Barbours Cut Terminal is due for the reconstruction of 20 acres of concrete (highlighted area). Image: Google Earth.

(4) Fire Boat Dock at Bayport West End: This project consists of the construction of a treated wooden boat dock, utilities building, and gravel roadway with utilities connecting to the adjacent container yard. Small trades needed include earthwork, water and sewer line/power and communication line, commercial building construction. The construction phase is first quarter 2019 to second quarter 2019.


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  1. structural building supplier Calgary February 27, 2019 at 1:05 pm - Reply

    That’s a good news! Port of Houston’s Authority renovation is a great idea! I hope this gets executed as planned that the process starts soon. Also glad to know that other renovation projects are underway. Another good thing is that the area will be used for productive purposes and will benefit small businesses.

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