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Houston: Hines, National Property Holdings Draw Up Two New Industrial Parks

Feature Photo (above): Miles of sidewalk flank either side of Fuqua Boulevard in south Houston. Along this stretch are 125 wooded acres that will become home to a new industrial business park to be developed by Houston-based Hines. Image: Google Streets.

Posted: 12-12-2018

by Adolfo Pesquera

Houston (Harris County) —┬áThe Houston Planning Commission will consider revisions on two proposed business parks, including one by Hines,
Southwest Logistics Park Sec 2, that will provide more than 1.5 million square feet of light manufacturing and distribution space development on 125 acres.

The second business park, northwest of Sam Houston Race Park, proposes almost 2.2 million square feet of industrial space. Both business parks are to be located on undeveloped land.

The Hines business park is located north of the Sam Houston Tollway and west of South Post Oak Road.

The Houston Planning Commission will consider on Thursday, Dec. 13, a variance request to exceed the intersection spacing for new streets along Fuqua Boulevard, “and to not extend Croquet Street and Whitton Drive through the property.

The section under review for this expansion is 84.2 acres north of Fuqua Boulevard and west of Post Oak. In the brief submitted to the commission, Hines claims the proposed Section 2 plat represents a slight modification from the originally approved master plan.

Southwest Logistics Park, Phases I (south) and II (north of Fugua). Courtesy: Hines.

“The site is ideal for large-footprint commercial/industrial warehouse operations given its excellent access to regional transportation nodes – less than a quarter-mile from Beltway 8, 1 mile from the Fort Bend Tollway, and 3 miles from US 90-A.

The project is being resubmitted to add a new public street that was not on the approved general plan–Lake Charles Drive.

“While this street will not connect to any of the surrounding residential areas or existing residential stub-out streets, it will provide additional vehicular mobility within the northwestern corner of the park,” Hines stated.

The variances would:
1) exceed the 2,600-foot intersection spacing along the north block of Fuqua Boulevard; and,
2) not extend or provide culs-de-sacs for Croquet Street or Whitton Drive, small stub streets that terminate at the plat boundary.

“The proposed land use is big-box commercial/industrial warehouse setup similar to other parks in the area,” the applicant notes. “One park near the site, Beltway Southwest Business Park, received similar variances under similar conditions given that street extensions in to the site would prevent the siting of the proposed uses and would negatively impact the surrounding residential neighborhoods with heavy truck traffic.

“The streets in the neighborhoods surrounding the site are narrow, older, paved with an asphaltic surface. If the adjacent streets were extended through the site, heavy truck traffic would certainly seek to cut-through the neighborhoods during peak traffic time to avoid congestion on South Post Oak and Fuqua.

“This traffic would quickly damage the roads and come in to direct conflict with the vehicles and pedestrians within the residential area. Like the approved general plan, the applicant is still proposing to extend Polo Street to Fuqua.”

The master plan lays out 10 buildings, with the larger portion, 84.2 acres, accommodating six buildings.

  • Building 5 = 115,267 SF
  • Building 6 = 111,600 SF
  • Building 7 = 111,600 SF
  • Building 8 = 532,440 SF
  • Building 9 = 108,240 SF
  • Building 10 = 124,200 SF

South of Fuqua Boulevard on the Phase 1 site, 40.7 acres, the buildings are listed alphabetically.

  • Building A = 115,267 SF
  • Building B = 78,688 SF
  • Building C = 156,982 SF
  • Building D = 78,688 SF

The conceptual site plan was prepared by Powers Brown Architecture. Hines is also the developer of Beltway Southwest Business Park, located 1.4 miles west at the northeast corner of Beltway 8 and Fort Bend Parkway.

In 2015, Hines acquired about 75 acres to develop Beltway Southwest, a Class A, master-planned business park that would accommodate 950,000 square feet of industrial space. More than 351,000 square feet was constructed by 2016. It includes a 240,000 cross dock building featuring 32-foot clear height and 52-foot by 47-foot column spacing as well as a 110,000-square-foot rear load building with 28-foot clear height and 52-foot by 45-foot column spacing.

It was designed by Architects Plus.

Republic Business Center

Courtesy: National Property Holdings.

Courtesy: National Property Holdings.

The second business park under consideration, also up for road variances, is the 156-acre Republic Business center. It’s located west of Gessner Road and north of Heron Nest Drive near SH 249 and the Sam Houston Tollway.

The master plan was originally submitted October 2016.

“However, that general plan showed a proposed east/west oriented public street that is no longer necessary,” according to the developer’s platting agent, Windrose Land Surveying & Platting. “The property that would have been served by this street has been acquired by the applicant and incorporated in to the development campus.

“The site is bounded by a residential subdivision to the west, Gessner Road to the east, residential and mixed-used development to the north and a high-power, regional electrical distribution corridor to the south. Extending any roads to the south across this controlled access, high-powered electrical transmission corridor is not feasible.”

W|G|A (Ward, Getz & Associates LLP) prepared a preliminary land plan that describes seven buildings and four detention ponds.

  • Building 1 = 266,500 SF
  • Building 2 = 266,500 SF
  • Building 3 = 266,500 SF
  • Building 4 = 266,500 SF
  • Building 5 = 369,000 SF
  • Building 6 = 369,000 SF
  • Building 7 = 369,000 SF

The developer, National Property Holdings, has described Republic Business Center as a 110-acre, deed restricted, multi-tenant, tilt wall development. It will have state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities coupled with a 1-milt commute to major freeways.

Master plan for the Republic Business Center. Courtesy: National Property Holdings.

Master plan for the Republic Business Center. Courtesy: National Property Holdings.

National Property Holdings projects project development, construction management, and leasing and property management services.


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