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Georgetown: Houston Developer Bringing Mixed Use PUD to City

Feature Photo: Aerial view of the proposed PUD site. Source: City of Georgetown.

Posted 4-8-2021

by Art Benavidez

Georgetown (Williamson County) — A Houston developer received a rezoning recommendation for a mixed use Planned Unit Development (PUD) during the Planning and Zoning Commission’s Tuesday meeting.    

The property converted from agriculture to PUD with a base district zoning of residential, multifamily and general commercial.

The property, Lawhorn PUD, is a 146.786-acre tract of land located at 2202 Patriot Way in the northeast portion of the city.

There is a home, along with associated agricultural structures on the property.

The city’s future land use plan designates the property as a community and regional center.

Trendmaker Homes is intending to develop the PUD as a community that is linked by a 9.6-acre private, central park, with a strong pedestrian link, to all associated projects within the PUD.

The community aims to be a place “where citizens can live, work, shop and recreate”.

The PUD zoning allows for the development of a horizontally integrated mixed-use community with a mix of residential product types and non-residential uses.

The commercial portion of the PUD will be closer to SH 130, and may have more than 650,000 square feet of retail.

The proposed PUD specifies the following three areas for development:

  • 51.8-acres of single family property with a max of 210-units, with a building height up to 35 feet, 52% impervious cover, a minimum lot size of 5,500 square feet, a minimum lot width of 45 feet and a corner lot width of 55 feet.
  • 26.10-acres of multifamily development with a minimum 175 units, a building height of up to 35 feet and up to 14-units per building, a factor that can be waived if the building design meets certain criteria. Additionally, this zoning allows for up to 65% impervious cover and a 15 feet bufferyard.
  • 68.9-acres of general commercial and a maximum building height of 60 feet with setbacks of 25 feet (front) 10 feet (side and rear). The zoning allows for 65% impervious cover and a 15 feet bufferyard.

Austin-based architect SEC Planning, LLC is a member of the project team.

City Council is expected to have a first reading of the recommendation on April 27 and a second reading on May 11.

VBX Project ID: 2021-2732