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Georgetown: City on Track to Rezone 45-Acre Tract for Condos, Commercial

Feature Photo (above): KB Home proposes converting this 45-acre tract at Farm Road 971 and Texas Highway 130 into a mixed-use development, anchored by a 225-unit condominium community. Image: Google Streets

Posted: 9-12-19

By Edmond Ortiz

Georgetown (Williamson County)–A national homebuilder received preliminary approval to rezone an undeveloped 45-acre tract to accommodate a blend of multifamily and commercial uses at the southwest corner of Farm Road 971 and the Texas 130 toll road.

The Georgetown City Council on Sept. 10 narrowly approved the request by KB Home. The developer asked to change an agricultural lot known was the Troop Tract that was designated for general commercial, high-density multifamily and townhome land uses. KB Home had it converted to a Planned Unit Development (PUD) with low-density detached multifamily and general commercial use.

According to the council agenda, the developer seeks to build “a residential condominium subdivision matching in appearance and scale of a single-family detached subdivision.”

The proposed, yet-unnamed development will feature 6.3 acres of commercial space, save for auto-related, transportation and entertainment uses.

The development will also have 39.5 acres of 225 detached multifamily units built at a density of six units per acre. Additionally, there will be 5.6 acres of private parkland, and a 2.7-acre private open space that will contain amenities and other recreational facilities for residents.

This park plan map shows where KB Home plans to develop a condominium community at the corner of Farm Road 971 and Texas Highway 130 toll road in Georgetown. Image: SEC Planning

Each residential unit will have private parking and a private yard. Every unit will have three or four bedrooms with two or two-and-a-half bathrooms.

All units will contain a minimum 1,200 square feet of enclosed living space, and offer one- or two-story floorplans.

A 25-foot-wide landscape buffer and a six-foot-high masonry fence will separate the development from Texas 130. Plans also call for a detention pond.

KB Home has not yet announced a timeline or price tag for its proposed development here.

Council’s action was passage of the first reading of the rezoning ordinance. A second reading must be approved Sept. 24 for the rezoning to proceed.

Peter Verdicchio–principal of Austin-based landscape architect firm SEC Planning LLC–represented KB Home. He said the detention and drainage space required under the proposed rezoning consumed space that would have otherwise permitted more room for commercial use.

Some council members said they wish there could be more commercial space on the tract, adding that the immediate area, in eastern Williamson County, is lacking in comprehensive retail and neighborhood services compared with the increase in residential development.

KB Home specializes in large tract housing, single-family development. It is unusual for the company to do multifamily condo projects, let alone anything with commercial space.

The council voted 3-3 to approve KB Home’s request. It took Mayor Dale Ross to break the tie in favor of the rezoning.

A future land use map envisions space enough for more high-density residential and small-scale commercial in the FM 971/Texas 130 vicinity, with public/institutional space just west of the Troop Tract. The map also shows keeping land east of the Troop Tract for agriculture/rural residential use.

Georgetown is, for the time being, seeing more planned residential development. A couple of miles southeast of the Troop Tract, Pulte Homes is requesting a rezoning of a 68-tract near Texas 130 and East University Avenue to accommodate a 339-unit single-family community.


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