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  • One of several "town center" comments introduced by Walmart for selected Supercenter locations. Courtesy: Walmart.

Garland: Walmart Rolling Out Town Center Concept

Posted: 11-8-2018

by Adolfo Pesquera

Garland (Dallas County) — Walmart has unveiled a new website to introduce a “town center” concept intended to make better use of its real estate, and the City of Garland is high on the list for properties to be redeveloped.

The website, Walmart Reimagined, describes a more diverse community experience for selected Supercenters that will have better connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists, and a broader array of shadow businesses specializing in recreation, wellness, entertainment, food & beverage, and other essential retail.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle broke the news in late October, reporting that the town center concept was announced at an International Council of Shopping Centers event in Atlanta by the Walmart vice president of domestic realty operations.

This concept takes into consideration that some Walmart Supercenters have more parking space than needed, and/or are adjacent to undeveloped land under Walmart’s control, or there may simply be ways to better utilize the existing space.

Walmart’s Reimagined project also comes at a time when the town center concept has become trendy. With much of traditional dry goods retailing in decline because of Amazon and other online direct shipping companies, shopping center developers and managers are focusing more on service and entertainment-oriented businesses that are resistant to online shipper competition.

Town center concept for selected Walmart locations. Courtesy: Walmart.

Town center concept for selected Walmart locations. Courtesy: Walmart.

States where Walmart reportedly has town center projects underway include Arkansas, California, Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. The Walmart Reimagined web page claims one project has been completed in Temple, Texas and another is underway in Bryan.

Soon after the Atlanta event, The Dallas Morning News reported two D/FW metroplex locations were under consideration–a Walmart Supercenter at 555 W. Interstate 30 in Garland, and another at 190 E. Round Grove Road in Lewisville.

Walmart owns a large tract of vacant land (13.9 acres) adjacent to the Garland store, according to Dallas Central Appraisal District records. The company has capacity there to almost double its footprint by extending development up to Greenbelt Parkway and the Duck Creek hike and bike trail.

The Garland Walmart Supercenter land at Interstate 30. Image: Google Earth.

Real estate held by Walmart (highlighted in green) at its Garland store at Interstate 30 and Broadway Boulevard. Image: Google Earth.

There is a similar situation in Lewisville, where Walmart owns a 14.4-acre vacant tract across Oakbend Drive from its Supercenter at 190 E. Round Grove Road. However, much of that tract is in a floodplain.

Real estate held by Walmart in Lewisville.

Real estate held by Walmart in Lewisville, southeast of Highway 121 and East Round Grove Road. Image: Google Earth


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