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Dallas: Texas Tech Regents OK Hiring of CMAR for Pre-Construction on 7-Story Building Renovation

Feature Photo: The Southwest Professional Building in the UT Southwestern Medical Center is owned by the TTU System are requires extensive exterior rehabilitation.

Posted: 10-7-2019

by Adolfo Pesquera

Dallas (Dallas County) — The Southwest Professional Building, a seven-story structure building in the 1980s, is in need of a $15.5 million renovation and the Texas Tech University System regents agreed to hire a construction manager at risk to conduct pre-construction services.

During their Oct. 4 meeting in Lubbock, the TTU Board of Regents approved an expenditure of $70,963 to bring a CMAR on board. An architect was recruited in August.

Located at 5920 Forest Park Road, the building sits on 1.147 acres in the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

The building is composed of a a parking garage open concrete structure from floors one to three. The upper four levels consist of conditioned occupied space. The occupied floors have a total area of 63,000 gross square feet.

Billy Breedlove, TTU’s vice chancellor for facilities and construction, said the majority of the work will be on the exterior façade.

“We’ve got issues there with water penetration, single pane windows. So, we’re going to do a lot of work on the outside of this building. With the leaking building, what we have is some of the sheet rock inside the building that has some mold mitigation that we’ve got to go through.

“We’re not going to renovate the entire building. We probably have enough money to do the exterior and probably renovate one floor.”

All defined renovation work is to be conducted with the facility occupied; Parkland Clinic operations must be accommodated, he said.

The scope of the project could include, but is not limited to:

  1. Repair/replacement of mechanical, electrical and plumbed building systems;
  2. Modifications and/or replacement of existing fire protection systems;
  3. Fire alarm modifications;
  4. Mitigation of potential identified hazardous materials;
  5. Exterior renovations of the building envelop; and
  6. Interior modifications, finish upgrades, and renovations required to meet the Institution’s programmatic needs.


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