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Dallas: High Rise Apartment Proposed Next to Historic Cabana Hotel

Feature Photo (above): The Cabana Motor Hotel and parking garage, December 2018. Image: Google Streets.

Posted: 4-18-2019

by Adolfo Pesquera

Dallas (Dallas County) — The City Plan Commission will consider a request to create a new subdistrict in the Design District that will allow construction of a high-rise apartment building next to the historic Cabana Motor Hotel.

Centurion American Development Group, under the project name Cabana Development LLC, wants the subdistrict “to allow for an increase in height and floor area ratio (FAR),” according to a case file the commission will consider this afternoon.

“The purpose of the request is to allow for the restoration of an existing building to be occupied as a hotel use, and to allow for a future mixed-use development to include multifamily and retail and personal service uses.”

The Cabana Motor Hotel, built in 1961-1963, was purchased by Centurion American in 2017, but the 10-story building hasn’t been a hotel for decades. From about 1984-2009, Dallas County operated the structure as a jail facility. It was a halfway house from 2009-2013. It’s been empty the past six years.

Centurion American described such a project was its intention when the company purchased the 3.28-acre site.

The residential tower would be constructed above an existing five-level parking garage and it would include ground-level retail and personal service tenants.

City staff has been supportive of the concept:

“Generally, this area is envisioned as appropriate for a mix of uses including residential, retail or wholesale showrooms, office, and mixed-use buildings. Currently the area is changing form a predominance of warehousing and some hotel uses with some recent multifamily residential development to a more vibrant mixed-use neighborhood with a variety of uses in close proximity.”

The Cabana is considered a downtown Dallas landmark. Centurion American intends to restore the building façade and reinstate it as a hotel with a restaurant and bar at ground level.

Under the current land use restrictions, the height limit is 130 feet, or 150 feet for building with an FAR for residential uses. The developer wants to be able to build up to 400 feet.

“In order for the floor area ratio to be increased from 4.0 to 5.5 the proposed development will be required to be a legacy building mixed-use project,” staff advised the commission. “A legacy building mixed-use project is being defined as a project containing more than two uses and with at least one use contained in the legacy building. Additionally, to increase the FAR, the proposed development will be required to contain a multifamily use, have a building façade within 20 feet of the property line along Slocum Street,and provide for a minimum of 5,700 square feet of retail and personal service located on the ground floor.”

Project partners include MMM Ventures LLC and 2M Ventures LLC. Mehrdad Moayedi, president and CEO of Centurion American, is the manager.

Concept illustration of the Cabana restored. Courtesy: Centurion American.

Concept illustration of the Cabana restored. Courtesy: Centurion American.


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