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Corpus Christi: Design to Rehab Office Building at O.N. Stevens WTP to Begin

Feature Photo: Aerial perspective of the O.N. Stevens Water Treatment Plant. The Filter Building is the narrow rectangular structure at the foot of the elevated water storage tank. Image: Google Earth.

Posted: 2-22-2021

by Adolfo Pesquera

Corpus Christi (Nueces County) — City Council is expected to award a contract in the next few weeks to LNV Inc. to provide design, bid and construction services for office space and other upgrades to the O.N. Stevens Water Treatment Filter Building 1.

The contract was to have been awarded Feb. 16, but the council postponed its regular meeting because of the inclement winter weather that caused statewide rolling blackouts.

LNV Inc. (an affiliate of Ardurra since August 2020) is an engineering, architecture and surveying company with offices in Corpus Christi.

Project Name: 20094A – ONSWTP Filter Building Rehabilitation Phase 2

VBX Project ID: 2021-142C

The project will complete the rehabilitation of the Filter Building, originally constructed in 1954. Phase 1 addressed the North Wing and was completed in 2013.

Under Phase 2, the South Wing will be rehabilitated to house the Water Quality and Environmental Quality staff, which are currently located in the Chemical Building at the water treatment plant.  Work will consist of hazardous asbestos removal, structural repairs as needed, and the reconfiguring of available space to accommodate multiple offices, a break room and restrooms.

The proposed renovation will create approximately 5,376 square feet of administrative office space on the second floor. The newly created office space will be used for approximately 17 employees including the SCADA lab, separate Water Quality teams and Water Treatment Operations teams, and crew spaces. It will also include space for a library and mechanical/electrical support.

The design phase is expected to wrap up by August, according to the project timeline. The bid/award period is scheduled within the months of September to November 2021. It is anticipated that construction will begin by December and reach completion in September 2022.

Currently, the affected staff are housed in a former sub-standard industrial building that is in close proximity to hazardous chemicals.

The LNV Inc. contract award has a value of $179,998. The estimated cost of construction and rehabilitation is $1,900,000. The total project cost has been estimated at $2.5 million and is to be paid with revenue bonds.

The Filter Building is a two-story building. The basement (actually at ground level) houses mechanical equipment for the filters located to the east of the building. The second floor of the building once contained basin control consoles but is no longer in use.

The modifications will be limited to the second floor of Filter Building 1. Only the basement ceiling–bottom of existing second floor concrete slab–will be insulated and exterior windows will be replaced with new Texas Department of Insurance windstorm approved assemblies.

All modifications to Filter Building 1 both interior and exterior, would need to be made to match, within the budgetary mandates stipulated by the City, the construction and finishes used at the adjacent Filter Building No. 2.

The mechanical equipment for the filters in the basement will not be included in the scope of work and all equipment will remain operational throughout the duration of construction.

Upgrades to the building were provided along with the following observations and recommendations:

  • Provide air conditioning of second floor.
  • Insulate the bottom of existing second floor concrete slab, (basement ceiling), due to new air conditioning of the upper floor.
  • Provide for new fire sprinkler system at second floor and at basement level either by new standalone system or by extending existing Filter Building No. 2 system, if possible.
  • New egress stair.
  • Provide for natural ventilation at basement level.
  • All new glazing shall be impact rated in TDI windstorm certified assemblies.

It is LNV Inc.’s responsibility to provide architectural design, MEP design, and structural design services. The 100% Pre-final Design submittal will include detailing the plans, specifications, project cost, schedule and other details that include construction specifications, a project schedule and construction sequencing, the architect’s estimate of probable construction cost based on final design and construction plans.

LNV Inc. will also provide quality control services and assist in the bid phase by participating in the pre-bid conference, the opening and evaluation of bids, and if necessary, the re-advertisement of bids.

During the construction phase, LNV Inc. will be the A/E consultant, providing construction administration and monthly progress updates to city staff.

LNV, Inc. was selected from three applicants for this project. LNV, Inc. has worked on City projects since 2008. LNV has completed projects such as the North Padre Island Beach Maintenance Facility, City Hall Exterior Façade and Roof Assessment, American Bank Center – New VIP Bar & VIP Lounge, CCAD Security Enclave Project, and Fire Station #1 Re-roof and Limited Façade Repairs.


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