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Cibolo: Arizona-based Charter Network to Open Two Schools by Mid-2022 in Greater SA

Feature Illustration: Concept schematics of the building elevations for the Cibolo campus building. Source: School of Excellence in Education.

Posted: 7-6-2021

by Adolfo Pesquera

Cibolo (Guadalupe County) — A representative for an Arizona-based charter school network discussed their plans with the Planning & Zoning Commission about building a Pre-K-to-8th elementary/middle school in time to open by August 2022.

The school planned for Cibolo is one of two San Antonio-area campuses the organization wants to open on that time frame. The other will be located in San Antonio’s West Side.

The project was discussed at the June 9 session, however, it was a discussion item only. The charter school agent sought feedback from the commissioners about applying for a Conditional Use Permit for a charter school for a portion of a lot currently zoned commercial. The commissioners responded favorable but took no vote.

The 17.5 acre property under contract (inside red boundary). The school campus would be limited to the lower 11 acres.

The 17.5 acre property under contract (inside red boundary). The school campus would be limited to the lower 11 acres.

Matt Werner, the vice president of development for Provestus Development Solutions, announced himself as the construction manager agent for School of Excellence in Education, which is the San Antonio district of the Legacy Traditional Schools, a brand that started in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area.

Provestus Development Solutions is a real estate company out of Chandler, Arizona that specializes in school and office development and consulting.

The School of Excellence in Education has put under contract a 17.5-acre tract located in the 3200 block of Cibolo Valley Drive. However, Werner said the school campus boundaries would be limited to southern 11-acre portion.

North of that site is a house that the school will keep and use as offices for the construction project. The land to the north will be used as a staging yard while construction is ongoing.

There are plans for another use for the 6.5 acres off campus, Werner said. It may eventually be sold or repurposed for a school expansion, however, the Conditional Use Permit being considered now is only for the 11 acres.

There is a dirt road, Kove Lane, that ends at the northeast edge of the property. Werner recognized that the city has plans for a right of way dedication to eventually connect Kove Lane to Cibolo Valley Drive.

“We understand there are requirements for a dedication and for some road development,” Werner said. “We’re onboard with that and we are already starting to have our engineers work on what that design would be.”

Werner formally submitted the request for the Conditional Use Permit in mid-June but it has not come back to the commission for a vote. Werner said their project schedule is expected to lead to the pulling of building permits by the October-November period. Construction would then commence and continue through July 2022.

The campus would consist of a two-story, 86,500 square-foot school building, a 4.3-acre play field that would include  a baseball facility.  Other recreational facilities would include outdoor basketball and tennis courts. There would be no lighting for the sports facilities since they will not be for after-hours use.

“Our fields are not rented out to Little League,” Werner said.

The site plan has a very circuitous driveway and parking system. Werner said the drive-through layout was designed to have more than one mile of off-road vehicle stacking to avoid parents causing a roadblock on the public street when dropping off their children. Vehicles would approach from the north or center entrances, maneuver southward and exit from the south driveway.

The landscape plan includes extensive tree plantings along Cibolo Valley Drive to screen the parking lot, and along the southern boundary to provide a buffer from the adjacent single-family residences.

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