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Austin: TWDB Releases $22.5M in Financing for Five Rural Community Water Projects

Feature Photo (above): The hardware store in downtown Whitewright, Texas. Image: Google Streets.

Posted: 6-6-2019

by Adolfo Pesquera

Austin (Travis County) -– The Texas Water Development Board on Tuesday approved financial assistance totaling $22,521,341 for water and wastewater system projects.

  • $12,178,106 is going to the Greater Texoma Utility Authority in Sherman on behalf of two communities–$8,420,000 for the City of Pottsboro (Grayson County) for wastewater system improvements; and $3,758,106 for the City of Whitewright (Grayson County) for water system improvements.
  • $6,155,000 is going to the Roman Forest Consolidated Municipal Utility District (Montgomery County) for a Hurricane Harvey disaster recovery project.
  • $2,919,485 is going to the Eastland County Water Supply District (Eastland County) for water system improvements.
  • $1,268,750 is going to the City of Ropesville (Hockley County) for water system improvements.

City of Pottsboro is receiving assistance from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund for planning, acquisition, design, and construction of wastewater system improvements. The city’s treatment plan experiences effluent flows in excess of 75 percent of its permitted capacity for three consecutive months, and must initiate an expansion based on Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s discharge permit requirements.
Once the flows reach 90 percent of the permitted daily average for three consecutive months construction must begin. In addition, again equipment is in need of repairs.

The rehabilitation and expansion project will increase capacity from 0.35 to 0.9 million gallons per day.

The planning phase will conclude by Oct. 1 with the completion of the engineering feasibility report. Designs will be done by Dec. 1 and construction should start on Feb. 1, 2020 and be finished by Aug. 1, 2021.  The budgeted subtotal for construction costs is $6.24 million.

City of WhiteWright is receiving assistance from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund for planning, acquisition, design, and construction of water system improvements. Whitewright has been experiencing service outages, capacity and water loss, and disinfection issues due to aging and undersized water lines.

Whitewright had six water wells, but one went out of service in 2017 and must be replaced. The City proposes to replace water distribution lines, construct a new water well, ground storage tank, high service pump station, as well as supervisory control and data acquistion, disinfection, and electrical components, and improvements to the three existing elevated storage tanks.

Engineering will be done by Aug. 15 and the design phase is to be completed by Oct. 8. Construction is to begin Dec. 1, 2019 and reach completion by May 1, 2021. The budgeted subtotal for construction costs is $2,329,000.

New Caney in Montgomery County. Image: Google Streets.

The Roman Forest Consolidated MUD in New Caney requested emergency funding after its treatment plant sustained 3.5 feet of flood waters for three continuous days during the passage of Hurricane Harvey. Many pumps, panels and other electric systems as well as the office and laboratory were submerged and damaged. The existing facilities will be demolished after a new plant is constructed.

The plan is to mitigate flooding and thereby reduce associated health and the environment risks. A new 0.35 MGD WWTP will be constructed in the first phase with the top of structures elevated at least two feet above the high-water elevation.The design will include a new 0.70 MGD plant for ultimate development.

Engineeing will be finished by Sept. 1 and the design phase completed by June 1, 2020. The construction phase is scheduled from Sept. 1, 2020 to Oct. 16, 2021. The budgeted subtotal for construction is $4,465,000.

The high school football stadium in Ropesville, Texas. Image: Google Streets.

City of Ropesville is receiving assistance for the planning, acquisition, design, and construction of a new water treatment facility. Located 21 miles southwest of Lubbock, Ropesville is wholly reliant on groundwater draw from shallow wells that contain naturally occurring flouride in concentrations exceeding the maximum permissible levels.

Its treatment facility can’t remove the flouride and the town has been cited repeatedly by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for non-compliance of drinking water standards.

The City proposes to install a reverse osmosis or an electrodialysis reversal system to address the excess fluoride in the water, construct a building to house the equipment, add a head tank; and develop infrastructure to discharge the treatment effluent to the wastewater system. The City plans to discharge the effluent to the wastewater collection system.

The engineering phase will be done by Aug. 1 of this year, and the design phase will be completed by June 15, 2020. Construction is scheduled from Sept. 15, 2020 to March 15, 2021. The budgeted subtotal for construction is $855,000.

Eastland County Water Supply District is receiving assistance for planning, design, and construction of a water system improvements project. The district either directly or indirectly services the towns of Eastland, Ranger, Carbon and the water supply corporations of Staff, Olden, Westbound and Morton Valley.

The district is in violation of TCEQ maximum contaminant levels for disinfection by-products and the minimum capacity for high service pump capacity.

The proposed project includes improvements to the high service pumps and a clear well, improvements to the chlorine dioxide system, and a new disinfection by-product removal system.

Engineering will be complete by Oct. 31, and design phase will be complete by Nov. 30, 2019. The construction phase is scheduled from Jan. 15, 2020 to Oct. 15, 2020. The budgeted total for construction is $2,088,000.


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