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Austin: Site Environmental to Begin on Capitol Complex Phase Two

Feature Illustration: Aerial perspective of the Capitol Complex, with Phase 2 highlighted as “P2”. Image: Texas Facilities Commission.

Posted: 7-6-2020

by Adolfo Pesquera

Austin (Travis County) — Responses to a Request for Qualifications solicitation for site environmental and engineering services for phase two of the Capitol Complex extension are due tomorrow.

The July 7 deadline for a Texas Facilities Commission RFQ that was posted June 10 represents the beginning of the next major phase in the northward expansion of the state Capitol Complex from 15th Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

The Commission anticipates announcing the contract award by Aug. 20, and executing the contract by Sept. 15. According to Question-and-Answer responses in the RFQ addenda, the TFC anticipates soliciting the Request for Qualifications for the architectural/engineering services in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The site environmental/engineering (SSE) work is expected to take 42 months, beginning with closing on the contract in September. The timeline proposed for the entire project-including site environmental/engineering, architectural/engineering, and construction manager at risk contracts, will be approximately five years.

VBX is following this development on Project ID 2016-471E.

Scope of the SSE:

Phase Two shall encompass the site needs for the construction of two new state office buildings, associated parking structures, and an extension of the pedestrian mall within the Capitol Complex.

The cost of work has been budgeted by the TFC as $30,821,852–not including pre-construction management fees, construction management fees, and construction general conditions–as part of the construction budget or the Guaranteed Maximum Price.

One of the office buildings shall be of 10 stories and total 360,000 gross square feet, and will be located at 15th Street between Lavaca Street and Colorado Street. It shall include underground and above grade parking sufficient for 1,650 vehicles.

The other office building shall be of five stories and total 165,000 gross square feet, and will be located at 15th Street between Colorado Street and Congress Avenue. It will include underground parking sufficient for 900 vehicles.

Finally, this phase will complete the extension of the pedestrian mall (Capitol Mall)–the section between 15th and 16th streets.

The block where the 10-story building shall be erected is bounded by Lavaca, 15th, Colorado and 16th streets. It will include State of Texas Parking Lot 8 and the Childcare Facility building for the Capitol Complex.

The half block where the 5-story building shall be erected is bounded by North Congress Avenue, 15th Street, the Texas Historical Commission facilities, and Colorado Street.

This SSE contract shall include geotechnical services, which include pier observations and testing during the construction and concrete placement of structural piers.

Other tasks include a traffic impact analysis study, an environmental site assessment, existing underground utility surveys, topographic surveys, site surveys, and other services as described below.

Depending on the outcome of surveys, additional investigations and/or abatement may be required and will require assisting TFC in soliciting for these services and coordinating with a third party contractor for removal and abatement of suspect materials.

SSE pre-design services are outlined below:

A. Review Master Plan and all applicable documents and provide detailed on-site investigations to estimate available utility capacity for construction. Identify all permits required for site and utility work. Coordinate with utility providers and local units of government to ensure all utilities are available for the project development and not in conflict with other utilities.

B. Conduct Phase I environmental site assessment per ASTM E1527.

C. Conduct Phase II environmental site assessment per ASTM E1903 as appropriate and dependent upon Phase I environmental site assessment results.

D. Perform site surveys to enable separate buildings and parking structures to be parceled so each asset has an independent title.

E. Conduct archival research to determine potential of existing archaeology in accordance with Texas Historical Commission guidelines.

F. Dependent upon archival investigation results, and as directed by the Texas Historical Commission, conduct subsurface investigation to determine existing archaeology. If required by investigation, define the scope of services required, assist TFC in soliciting for these services, and coordinate with third party contractor for preservation or relocation of archaeologically sensitive materials.

G. Detailed on-site investigations and review of existing documents. Conduct soil investigations and geotechnical assessments along with submission of preliminary and final reports and recommendations.

H. Provide an ALTA survey includes metes and bounds, all existing utilities, existing structures and easements. Provide topographical and tree surveys.

I. Provide traffic engineering analysis including existing data analysis, trip generator distribution studies and a traffic impact analysis report to study the effect of the new project to the existing street infrastructure and gain approval from the City of Austin, Transportation Department for the new development.

J. Conduct geotechnical studies including test log borings at the site of the proposed project structures to allow for recommendations of structural systems.

K. Take steps to initiate and shepherd the project through the AULCC review process.

L. Provide pier drilling and detailed construction site observations and testing of concrete during the placement of piers.

M. Deliver comprehensive report of all findings, for review and approval.


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