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Austin: Local Developer Proposing 326-Unit Project on Three Lots in Old West Austin

Feature Photo: Aerial view of the proposed three lots that will make up the development. Image: Google/VBX Graphic.

Posted: 8-25-2021

by Art Benavidez

Austin (Travis County) — An Austin developer was recommended for zoning that will permit construction of three buildings totaling 326 residential units, at Tuesday’s meeting of the Planning Commission.

The 3.189-acre (138,912 SF) property in Old West Austin will convert from general commercial services (CS) to planned development area–neighborhood plan (PDA-NP) combining district.

The property is made up of three lots, with lots one and two at 1.07-acres (46,696 SF), and lot three at 0.94-acres (41,257 SF).

They are located north of the West Austin Youth Association baseball fields of Ladybird Lake-Lamar Beach Metro Park, at 300 and 301 Pressler Street, and 1505 W 3rd St.

The working title of the project is Parcel 1, 2, 3 300/301 Pressler & 1505 W 3rd St.

Two 3,200 square-foot warehouses and a 3,750 square-foot garage stand on Lot 1 and a 9,480 square-foot warehouse used for party bus rentals is on the abutting lot. Several residencies are located on Lot 3.

Donald J. Reese with Riverside Resources owns the property through the entity Pressler RRI, LP.

Reese proposes to construct an apartment building on each lot, with 98-units on Lot 1, 143-units on Lot 2 and 85-units on Lot 3.

City of Austin map of proposed lots.

The number of bedrooms per unit hasn’t been determined. The buildings would have a maximum building height of 75 feet.

A Union Pacific Railroad track acts as the north boundary of all properties and their only access is across the tracks, at grade, by way of Pressler Street or Paul Street.

There are trails within the park that Reese intends to connect to the subject site including the Lance Armstrong Bikeway and the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail.

Reese is developing a plan for parking space reductions, an increased compact parking rate and allowances for car-sharing, bike sharing and scooter sharing.

At the moment, he is proposing 376 parking spaces, which would result in more than the allowed 15% of compact spaces needed if the development was taken as a whole instead of three lots.

The City Council is scheduled to vote on the item on Sept. 30.

VBX Project ID: 2021-62CC