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Austin: Local Developer Awaits City Approval for 30-Unit Residential Development

Feature Photo: Street view of the proposed site for the apartment complex off West Dittmar Road. Image: Google Streets.

Posted: 9-13-2021

by Art Benavidez

Austin (Travis County) — A local developer received multifamily zoning for a 30-unit residential development, at last week’s meeting of the Zoning and Platting Commission.

The project site comprises two lots–911 West Dittmar Road (lot one, 0.99 acres) and 915 West Dittmar Road (lot two, 0.49 acres)–in the southwest portion of the city.  

The rezoning is from development reserve-single family (DR-SF-2) on lot one, and development reserve (DR) on lot two to MF-2 low density multifamily.

The combined 1.48 acres had a single family residence that has already been razed, according to Google Earth.

The rezoning tract has frontage on and access to West Dittmar Road. The unit mix of the development, along with “affordability” of the project was not addressed in the application.

Aerial view of site by the City of Austin.

Chris McClearin with McHeath Ventures LLC, a corporation that was registered with the state Jan. 6., is proposing an apartment complex that is currently proceeding under the working title McHeath 1.48. McClearin has also worked with Keel Homes LLC, a local custom home builder. 

The project is subject to 60% impervious cover under redevelopment, along with standard landscaping and tree protection, in accordance with the city’s land development code.  

Parkland dedication will be required at the time of subdivision or site plan.

Along the eastern and southern property lines, the following standards apply:

  • No structure may be built within 25-feet of the property line.
  • No structure in excess of two stories or 30-feet in height may be constructed within 50-feet of property zoned SF-5 or more restrictive.
  • No structure in excess of three stories or 40-feet in height may be constructed within 100-feet of the property line.
  • No parking or driveways are allowed within 25-feet of the property line.
  • An intensive recreational use, including a swimming pool, tennis court, ball court, or playground, may not be constructed 50 feet or less from adjoining SF-3 property.
  • A landscape area at least 25 feet in width is required along the property line.

The Austin Strategic Mobility Plan calls for 84 feet of right-of-way for Dittmar Road and it is recommended that 42 feet of right-of-way from the existing centerline should be dedicated for Dittmar Road.

City Council is expected to vote on the recommendation at their Sept. 30 meeting.

VBX Project ID: 2021-6861


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