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El Paso Gears Up for 2018 Round of 9% Tax Credit Affordable Housing Awards

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The DeWetter housing project (above) will be retired if the Housing Authority of the City of El Paso is awarded tax credits to finance construction of Pellicano Place. Photo courtesy of Google Maps.


Posted: 8-3-2017, 3:35 p.m.

by Adolfo Pesquera

El Paso (El Paso County) - In preparation for the 2018 round of applications to the state's limited Housing Tax Credits financing program, the Housing Authority of the City of El Paso (HACEP) will accept proposals for developer services for two multifamily projects.

The HACEP issued the RFP July 28 and submittals are due August 18. Interested third-party co-developers must be prepared to assist in the design, financing, provision of guarantees, and new construction of the affordable housing communities.

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs normally reviews applications for the 9 percent Low Income Housing Tax Credits each year during the spring and early summer, and awards credits in the late summer period.

The HACEP has not selected sites for the two projects, but must choose locations that conform to the program's standards. Criteria for a site include good public transportation and reasonable access to good schools, health clinics, groceries, and other social and cultural services that contribute to the support and success of families.

Each development will include new construction of up to 190 units. The RFP states that developments "will consist of a clubhouse and with consideration of multiple two- and three-story residential buildings, with a potential mix of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and larger units."

If approved by the TDHCA, the projects will be part of the housing authority's conversion of its public housing units. This is also part of the federal Rental Assistance Demonstration project.

"The final unit configuration will achieve a 1:1 replacement of the existing public housing units, and relocates tenants to a High Opportunity Area," the RFP said.

The housing authority is renovating or rebuilding its portfolio of about 6,300 housing units in a program that began in 2015. The replacement effort is expected to be substantially complete by the end of 2018.

Less than three months ago (May 19), the housing authority required submittal of developer services proposals for the 2017 round of TDHCA 9 percent housing tax credits. Two projects are under consideration:

Pellicano Place is development that requires new construction for 118 units on a greenfield site in far east El Paso that is now under contract to the housing authority. This site is at the intersection of Pellicano Drive and Joe Battle Boulevard.


Proposed site for Pellicano Place

It will consist of a clubhouse and seven residential buildings of two- and three-story heights. There is a mix of one- to four-bedroom units. Pellicano Place is intended to replace the existing DeWetter and Pooley public housing communities at a 1:1 ratio.

The second 2017-round project is Medano Heights. This involves new construction for 146 units on a greenfield site in northwest El Paso. It is owned by the HACEP and located at the intersection of Medano Drive and North Desert Boulevard. This development also consists of a clubhouse and seven residential buildings.

The Medano Heights project will allow the authority to relocate families from the existing Roosevelt public housing community.

Proposed site for Medano Heights



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