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League City Embarks on $7.5M Animal Shelter Project

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Posted: 4-24-2017, 12:43 p.m.

by Adolfo Pesquera

League City (Galveston County) - Interested architect/engineer firms have until tomorrow to submit their qualifications packages on a proposed new animal shelter project.

Submissions on the New Animal Shelter RFQ are due at 2 p.m. Tuesday, 300 W. Walker Street.

The city's plans are based on a 2015 Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study prepared by Fort Worth-based Quorum Architects Inc.

The existing facility was built to 3,160 square feet in 1997 on 3.25 acres along Kansas Avenue. It quickly exceeded its capacity and a 2,940-square-foot addition was built in 2003. It's been determined that it should be replaced with a facility at a different location that has more acreage.

VBX Project ID: 2015-02DC

Quorum proposed in its study a 23,900-square-foot state of the art facility, with an additional 7,000 square feet of lease space for a potential full service veterinary clinic and groominig/boarding center. Quorum designed a site plan and floor plan concept based on its recommended dimensions. Their estimated cost for the construction phase was $7.8 million.



However, the city opted for a slightly smaller scale facility. The RFQ scope of work states, "the facility should be approximately 19,000 square feet in size and should include public, private and retail area. The City of League City anticipates locating the facility on an 8.067-acre tract of land immediatley southwest of the Public Safety Building located at 555 W. Walker Street."

The proposed budget for the design of the animal shelter was set at $650,000. The proposed budget for construction was set at $6,850,000.

"The budget is intended to cover all costs associated with building, furniture, fixtures, equipment and technology necessary for commissioning and opening a fully functional animal shelter and adoption facility," the RFQ states.

Key elements expected of the shelter and adoption center include:

  • Natural daylighting to allow the animals to sense the changing of times to promote health
  • Surfaces that permit low acoustics for a more inviting atmosphere for the public to stay longer
  • Ample storage space
  • Drive-thru Sallyports for staff to off-load recently picked up animals

Functional space to include:

  • Lobby and reception to provide an inviting, healthy atmosphere that will attract the public to visit often and increase adoption rates
  • Traditional office space for staff
  • Limited Retail area
  • Training/Education area
  • Space to house up to 110 dogs and 70 cats
  • Space for indoor/outdoor runs
  • Piped-in music to create a peaceful environment
  • Play rooms
  • Outdoor courtyard
  • Breakroom for staff and volunteers
  • Flexibility for expansion




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