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UH Issues RFQ for $46M, 2,500-Car Garage

04/20/2017 02:32:00 pm | Viewed: 491

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The University of Houston System plans to build a $46.4 million parking garage on the main campus.


Posted: 4-20-2017, 3:38 p.m.

by Adolfo Pesquera

Houston (Harris County) - The University of Houston System is soliciting architectural and engineering services for the design of a $46.4 million, 2,500-vehicle parking garage that includes almost 43,000 square feet of tenant space.

The Request for Qualifications, issued April 11, calls for a multi-level pre-cast concrete parking garage at Entrance 18 and Elgin Street. The existing surface lots (18A and 18B) that will be replaced, currently have a capacity of 922 vehicles.

"To allow for proper traffic flow, a section of the existing campus loop road will need to be redesigned and constructed to make room for the new parking garage," the RFQ states. "In addition to the parking requirements (there) are the tenant spaces within the structure, with gross area of 42,692 square feet."

The garage is expected to have some architectural character. The RFQ requests building materials "likely to be incorporated" include buff brick, nominally transparent window glass, and patinated copper, aluminum-gray, or dark zinc metal panel.

Tenant spaces are intended to be reserved for a Public Art Suite, Fine Arts with Office and Studio Space, Food Services, Parking & Transportation, as well as a building lobby.

The occupied space will continue the practice of sustainable building on campus, and will maximize the use of natural light and incorporation of views. Generous glazing areas will allow the office space, gallery, retail and dining space a glimpse of the outside, while bringing views of mature trees and native plants inside, the RFQ said.

The project site is just north of the College of Architecture, Law Center, and the Keeland Jr. Design & Exploration Studio.

A preliminary project timeline was given that has design starting in October, construction starting by July 2018, with substantial completion by October 2019, and final completion by December 2019.

The construction standards require a design with a minimum 50-year life span.

The allocation of parkings spaces by type are as follows:

  • 14.5 percent to faculty and staff.
  • 14.5 percent to visitors.
  • 70 percent to students.

"The remaining 1 percent of parking spaces will be used for other requirements such as motorcycles, hybrid cars and golf carts. These parking spaces shall be provided on the first floor outside the gated area, or in an open lot adjacent to the garage."

The design must also include a bicycle locker area as proposed by the Office of Sustainability.

The RFQ submittal deadline is May 5 at 3 p.m. Those firms on the short list will be notified June 16 and the contract awardee will be notified July 7.



The project site (in pink) is north of the Blaffer Art Museum and UH Law Center.




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