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  Why do I need to be registered?

Registration ensures that accurate information about your company is available to owners, design professionals, prime contractors and other construction professionals who may be intersted in working with you on projects now or in the future.

Are there any fees for registering?

No. VBX maintains this information as a courtesy to general contractors, architects and owners seeking qualified sub-contractors to perform their work. There are no fees associated with registering.

How is my registration information used?

Registration information is available to general contractors, architects and owners who use it to select companies they wish to invite to bid their projects and verify the identity of those who have responded.  VBX does not sell your information to other vendors or otherwise make it available for marketing purposes.

Do I have to register every time I visit VBX?

No. Registration is only required the first time you visit us. Your login information will be retained in our database and may be used to access invitational information you receive in the future. Periodically, (one or twice a year) VBX may ask you to confirm your registration profile to make sure the information we have on file remains accurate.

Please click below and complete the registration form. After you hit submit, please check your email to complete the registration process.



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