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1. Weed out the projects you care about from the ones nobody cares about

2. See all the bidders, not just the ones who've paid us money

3. Get notified about Addenda while you still have time to change the numbers

4. Pay a reasonable fee that gives us a profit without requiring you to go broke

5. Look at projects all over the state, not just those in your voting district

6. Use our database to find enough subs to beat margins into submission.

7. Monitor the bidding activity on every one of your projects free of charge

8. See Apparent Lows so you know the three who "might" get the job instead of the 47 who bid against you.

9. See Contract Awards so you can curse about what out-of-state contractor actually got the job.

10. Yell at a live, breathing body when you have a problem or we screw-up (and it happens once in a while).

We've been at this for over 100 years. Call our office at (210) 564-6900 - we can save you time and money!



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