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New Construction – TEES Industrial Distribution Building No. 1 – RELLIS Campus – Texas A&M University

Bryan, TX (Brazos Co.) 

Work includes: new construction with site work for an Industrial Distribution Building No. 1 at the RELLIS Campus; approximately 25,863 sf two-story facility that includes specialized industry spaces on the first level, an open concept talent incubator on the second level. Architectural massing and roof forms, including the color, profile and slope of roofs and soffits will be maintained and expanded at IDB No. 1.

Masonry wall assemblies will feature the approved RELLIS brick and mortar appearance, with complimenting cast stone and metal panels. Window systems and sun-screening devices will also appear in conformance to previously established design standards.

The two-story IDB No. 1 building design conforms with user requests to create a central, dramatic Grand Lobby. Intended as a highly collaborative and active space, the lobby will allow transient use by students as part of the pedagogical objectives established by the Industrial Distribution department. Curtain wall windows along the north side of the building bring natural light and views to landscaped areas into the building. Multipurpose/leadership classrooms, intended to support teaching and Capstone projects, are located along the Grand Lobby with three additional studio-style laboratories also featured on the first floor circulation path. A prominent history display will allow feature graphics and digital systems to engage visitors and explain the department’s past and future, with a small ‘library’ study area adjacent.

A ‘cascade’ stair allows students to study and engage with other students and provides an exciting focal point for the building. Stairs on the ‘cascade’ lead to the second floor Talent Incubator where industry partners can work and meet with ID students and faculty.

Materials in the lobby space will include durable flooring with compelling color and texture, bright colors in huddle areas and accents, intended to impress visitors and excite students to fully utilize the ID facility. Sound absorption will be considered in ceiling elements and wall surfaces in consideration of the potential for noise distraction.

Classrooms and ‘labs’ will be flexible with AV monitors, extensive glass marker board surfaces and data/power connections arranged to support varying furniture layouts. Natural light will be introduced into the classrooms from large windows, with roll-down light control systems provided. Carpeting and sound absorptive ceiling panels will improve room acoustics.

The second floor Talent Incubator will be arranged in four distinct workplace clusters: three along the north wall for donor-branded industry interaction and research offices, and one arranged along the Grand Lobby, intended for undergraduate-specific programming. Additional office and conference areas on the second floor will serve the Master’s program and an executive-style conference room offers views of the Grand Lobby from above.

Limited landscaping will be included in the base budget for IDB No. 1, plantings at the building entrance, sodding and irrigation systems in these areas are provided initially. Future improvements may include plantings, hardscape and furniture to provide additional collaboration and meeting areas among the outdoor improvements of the building. A masonry screen wall will hide a service yard from view and is intended to integrate with other landscaping and site improvements.

Existing conditions; concrete; masonry; metals; wood, plastics and composites; thermal and moisture protection; openings; finishes; specialties; furnishings; equipment; conveying equipment; fire suppression; plumbing; HVAC; electrical; earthwork; exterior improvements; utilities.



Architect – 1
Bidding General Contractor – 2
Civil Engineer – 1
Electrical – 1
Landscape Architect – 1


Architectural – 85 sheets
Civil – 26 sheets
Electrical – 27 sheets
General – 12 sheets
Landscape – 6 sheets
Mechanical – 16 sheets
MEP Site – 5 sheets
Plumbing – 10 sheets
Structural – 26 sheets
Telecommunications – 21 sheets

25 Sections

2 Reported

13 Reported

First Reported on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 – Last Updated 10/5/2021 11:38:46 AM

Project Information
PROJECT ID: 2021-6B11
BID DATE/TIME: 10/7/2021
02:00pm CST
EST. COST: $12,872,581 – $14,742,410
STATUS: Memo Received
PROJECT TYPE: New Construction
CATEGORY: Education
VBX first reported in the Virtual Plan Room on Tuesday, September 21, 2021.
Members with access to this service may monitor progress by tracking Project ID #2021-6B11.
Construction Preview
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