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Laredo International Airport Terminal Improvements

Laredo, TX (Webb Co.) 

Scope of work involves a 27,800 square foot, two-story addition, and various improvements throughout the terminal including reconfiguration of airside and landside spaces, metal roof replacement, inline baggage system, and installation of a new generator.

Base Bid Schedule: Consists of approximately 27,800 square foot addition to the existing terminal building. The two-story project will provide a new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security check point, TSA offices and support space, concourse, tenant space, open terrace on the second level, and civil site work. The base bid also includes two escalators, an elevator, and egress stairs; airline offices, maintenance management office space and utility rooms. 665 calendar days will be allowed for the base Bid Schedule.

Bid Schedule 1: Consists of the removal and replacement of two 15′-0″ vertical rise escalators and adjacent stairway near the main entry of the terminal. Temporary walls and rerouting of vertical pedestrian traffic to adjacent elevators is included in the schedule. Bid Schedule location is publicly accessible. 240 calendar days will be given for Bid Schedule 1.

Bid Schedule 2: Consists of the demolition of the first floor Landside Kitchen and Concessions spaces and construction of a new Men’s Restroom, Women’s Restroom, Family Restroom , Nursing Room, and storage on the first floor. The area impacted is approximately 2,500 square feet of publicly accessible landside space. 180 calendar days will be given for Bid Schedule 2.

Bid Schedule 3: Consists of the renovation of the airside first floor Men’s and Women’s Restrooms. The Men’s and Women’s Restrooms are not to be renovated concurrently for the purpose of keeping first floor airside restroom access available. The location of the approximately 600 square feet of work is not accessible without badging or an escort. 180 calendar days will be given for Bid Schedule 3.

Bid Schedule 4: Consists of the demolition of the second floor existing Security Check Point, Janitor’s Closet, TSA ancillary spaces, airline offices and maintenance offices for the renovations of the airside Men’s and Women’s Restrooms, lounge, conference room, IT room , and TSA Secure exit. Additionally, an airside Quiet Room, Service Animal Relief Area (SARA), Family Restroom, Nursing Room, and Janitor’s Room will be constructed. Provision of temporary restroom availability during construction is included in Bid Schedule 3. The location of the approximately 9,000 square feet of work is not accessible without badging or an escort. 300 calendar days will be given for Bid Schedule 4.

Bid Schedule 5: Consists of the construction of 90 linear feet of screen wall and a new generator for the terminal building to be located at the existing service yard. The work includes the utility and site work required to access and connect to existing systems. 540 calendar days will be given for Bid Schedule 5.

Bid Schedule 6: Consists of the reroofing of the approximately 65,000 square feet seam roofing on the existing terminal. 240 calendar days will be given for Bid Schedule 6.

Bid Schedule 7: Consists of a new Baggage Handling System and new office spaces. Demolition of the existing Baggage Handling System and Airline Offices will occur under this Bid Schedule. 420 calendar days will be given for Bid Schedule 7.



Architect – 1
Bidding General Contractor – 2
Civil Engineer – 1
Demolition – 1
Electrical – 2


Architectural – 68 sheets
Architectural – Alternates – 19 sheets
Civil – 29 sheets
Electrical – 47 sheets
Equipment – 25 sheets
Fire Alarm – 15 sheets
Fire Protection – 11 sheets
General – 8 sheets
Mechanical – 23 sheets
Plumbing – 23 sheets
Public Address – 30 sheets
Structural – 23 sheets
Telecommunications – 37 sheets

34 Sections

4 Reported

10 Reported

First Reported on Tuesday, December 13, 2022 – Last Updated 1/17/2023 9:50:02 AM

Project Information
PROJECT ID: 2022-838B
BID DATE/TIME: 1/18/2023
04:00pm CST
EST. COST: Not Available
STATUS: Addenda Received
PROJECT TYPE: Additions / Renovations / Upgrade
CATEGORY: Airports / Transportation / Rail
VBX first reported in the Virtual Plan Room on Tuesday, December 13, 2022.
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