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Campbell Hall Building 28 Renovation Phase 1 & 2 – Lamar University

Beaumont, TX (Jefferson Co.)

Work will consist of the renovation of a building at a university campus comprised of three (3) stories. This renovation project will be broken out into two phases. Phase 1 will encompass the renovation of Building 28 (dorm unit building) while Phase 2 will focus on the renovation of the two adjacent breezeways, stairways and lobby areas.

Phase 1: Demolition Scope – Most demolition work has occurred from previous work. Demolition work will include removing all bathtubs. New Construction Scope: Rebuilding of the central corridor walls will consist of new matching cementitious lap siding with sprayed foam insulation in the wall cavity from slab to slab. The corridor side sheathing will be a moisture resistant, fire rated gypsum sheathing to deck with a spray applied vapor barrier. The corridor ceiling construction will consist of new moisture resistant fire rated gypsum board on hat channels with continuous fire caulking. At the missing gypsum board on the interior of each room, new moisture resistant, fire rated gypsum board will be installed. Behind the tub surrounds, cementitious boards will be used. New bathtub will be installed along with new fiberglass tub surrounds. Some units will require new vanity cabinets and plastic laminate tops. These units will receive new sinks and faucets. A few units will require building matching upper and base cabinets with a plastic laminate top in the living room areas. Some units require just the upper cabinets. New humidistats will be installed in all bathrooms. All rooms will be painted. New LVT will be installed in the living areas and new ceramic tile will be installed in the bathroom areas.

Phase 2: Demolition Scope – The existing plywood ceiling in the breezeways will be removed. The sheathing around the stairs will be removed to expose the wood structure so a determination can be made for any required repairs. The underside sheathing of intermediate landing will be removed so a determination can be made for needed repairs. The brick and cast stone will be removed at selected areas for determination if any repairs are required. Metal railings will need to be removed and stored for reinstallation. New Construction Scope: New cement board ceilings with perforated venting metal inserts will be installed at the breezeways. They will match existing breezeway construction. New stud pack bundles will be installed where required for the anchoring of the cast stone. New intermediate stair landing will be constructed using treated lumber and topped with new concrete. New matching construction of the stairwell walls are required. Some truss rebuilding will also be required in some areas. Gypsum board infill at removed portions will be installed in the closets, storage rooms and vending areas. A custodial sink will need to be reinstalled.



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First Reported on Friday, February 28, 2020 – Last Updated 3/19/2020 8:50:20 AM

Project Information
PROJECT ID: 2020-1C16
BID DATE/TIME: 3/25/2020
02:00pm CST
EST. COST: Not Available
STATUS: Addenda Received
PROJECT TYPE: Additions / Renovations / Upgrade
CATEGORY: Education
VBX first reported in the Virtual Plan Room on Friday, February 28, 2020.
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