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Get Complete Control

Receive the security and control you desire. Control visibility settings, protect your IP, and easily see when contractors have viewed documents. Know who is bidding on your project while protecting your visibility.

Have Complete Security

Protect your Intellectual Property without eliminating visibility. Set restrictions for who can view or download your documents, when, and what can be viewed. Provide full documentation or just bidding details, it’s up to you.

Avoid Hassles

Contractors receive automatic notifications whenever documents change so you don’t have to worry about awkward back-and-forth communication.

Full Accountability

With our automatic timestamping you’ll know when your documents were viewed, and who viewed them, to ensure bidder accountability.

Full Visibility

Easily see who is bidding on your project while protecting your visibility from others. View the bidding history of general contractors and subs, and know their intent for bidding.

Get Complete Coverage

Ensure your project gets the attention it needs, by the best contractors in Texas. See in-depth information about contractors and fill your list of qualified contractors faster.

Ensure Your Project is Easy to Find

We manually index your project and divide it out page-by-page, and trade-by-trade, so more contractors easily find your project.

Ensure Your Project Gets Attention

Check our Bid Calendar to see other projects that are bidding on the Bid Date you are considering.

Receive More Accurate Bids, Faster

We lead the industry in search performance so qualified contractors can find the details they need to bid on your project accurately.

Receive In-Depth Project Visibility

See which projects Contractors have bid on, which ones they’ve viewed, their intent for bidding, their success ratio, and more.

Work with a Trusted Partner

You’re not alone with VBX. Utilize our industry leading member services team to help you find what you need. Our bid facilitation team is available to help you at any point from concept to awarded project research.

Trusted Resource

We’re here to help. We’ve been in Texas for over 100 years and we’re the most trusted lead source provider around. Become a member today and see why our retention rate has exceeded 90% for the last 15 years.

Superior Support

Our support staff averages over 10 years of industry experience, and has been certified by Clemson University; so we know how to handle your most difficult and unique questions.

Improve Your Success

We believe you shouldn’t have to waste time answering unnecessary questions, or stress out about securing qualified contractors. We make it easy for your project to succeed.

Control Your Budget

Know what the low bids were for other similar projects to verify the accuracy of your budget.

Save Time

We help prevent your inbox from getting flooded with questions by helping contractors easily find the details in your project they’re looking for. Why deal with unnecessary questions after you’ve provided answers and documentation?

Monitor the Process

Know how many times your documents have been viewed or downloaded by trade division, and receive a complete list of visitors by trade type, company name and date.  Review the bidding history of GCs and subs, and much more.

Work with the Best in Texas

With access to more than 8,000 local General Contractors, and 25,000 local Subcontractors in Texas, you’ll be sure to find the contractors you need, no matter what qualification you require.

Find the Leads You Need

Find all of the leads you need much faster than your competition can.

Get Leads Before Your Competition Does

Find thousands of new RFPs and RFQs, and better yet, receive notifications when owners are contemplating construction. More owners in Texas trust us with their projects than any other lead source; so you’ll receive the most verified leads before they’re listed.

Never Run Out of Construction Leads

We’ve spent decades building relationships with owners across Texas. We continuously gather new leads from our vast network as well as from zoning board meetings, commission meetings, networking events, and many more. Why spend your time searching for high quality leads when we can bring them to you?

Largest and highest quality of commercial construction leads in Texas

– study by Construction Market Watch, “2017 Commercial Construction Leads in Texas: Analysis of Market Leaders”

Receive the same access that our members have for each of your projects during the bid cycle. Monitor bid activity continuously and get a complete list of companies that have viewed your project by name, location and trade type before bids are due.

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